Why the Qudini Event Management System is perfect for webinar events

Ben Abbitt
by Ben Abbitt

The popularity of webinar events has grown drastically in the last few years – they are significantly easier for customers to attend than in-person events and gives retailers access to customer-bases from all around the world.

But during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen the popularity of webinars skyrocket. When the world first went into lockdown, leading retailers were quick to launch webinar events to keep their current customers engaged and drive online sales, and some brands have been able to tap into new audiences altogether.

Why Qudini developed Webinar Events Platform

Qudini has been offering a state of the art appointment scheduling system and event management platform for years now, which has been frequently used by retail giants such as Samsung, NatWest and O2, but during Covid-19 we wanted to make it possible for our clients to take their events online.

This involved developing an option to set an event as a “Webinar” within our events platform. This means our customers can then insert a webinar link from Zoom or another platform.

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Customers using our event booking widget to schedule an event can then easily see which events are virtual versus in-store, and if they book onto a virtual event, they are sent a link to connect to the event in their confirmation and reminder emails or via SMS message.

How the Webinar Event Customer Journey works

While the customer journey varies from business to business, and often depends on the capabilities of the event management software provider, here is how Qudini’s webinar customer journey works:

A good example of a brand using Qudini’s Event Management Platform is retail bank NatWest, which provides customers with the ability to easily attend digital lessons.For more information about how online events or webinars work click here, or contact info@qudini.com


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