Why retail needs Retail Choreography

Ensure lasting brand relevance and profitability with perfect experience, operations and data.

Do you ever ask yourself:

“How can I keep my brand relevant to modern consumers?”

To ensure lasting relevance, retailers must build more compelling omni-channel offerings that enhance
their brand presence and customer relationships.

To build more compelling omni-channel
offerings retailers need to optimize their:

  • Experience

    Customers are more
    demanding, fickle and vocal
    than ever before

    This makes it harder to drive customers to your business and retain their loyalty.

  • Operations

    Store operations are more intensive and margins are tighter

    This means it’s essential to make the most out of your people and your space.

  • Data

    Brick-and-mortar data is disparate and hard to collect

    This prohibits intelligent decision-making on stock, resourcing, merchandising and marketing.

Retail Choreography
– a business critical strategy

Just like dance choreographer constructs powerful and captivating routines through carefully planning and controlling the movement of their dancers across novel and exciting stage environments, reacting and adapting to environmental and cultural changes as they have to.

The Retail Choreography framework enables retailers to construct powerful and captivating omni-channel retail offerings with the ability to adapt and grow at the pace they need. Through better planning and controlling or “Choreographing” their customer experience, store associate operations and data capture across all retail touchpoints.

The benefits of Retail Choreography

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Introducing Qudini

Your store’s indispensable Retail Choreography tool.
The epicenter of knowledge for your retail organization.

  • Create superior
    customer experiences

    Appointment Scheduling
    Walk-in/Queue Management
    Event Management

  • Drive advanced
    store operations

    Task Management
    Shop Floor Management

  • Capture game-
    changing data insights

    Analytics dashboards
    Real-time interfaces
    AI-driven insights


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