Why a virtual queuing system is better (and safer) than clipboard and pen in the coronavirus era

Raj Sangha
by Raj Sangha

How can retailers best manage queues inside and outside of their stores to ensure social distancing? Should they invest in queue management software, or simply ask store associates to create manual queues using clipboard and pen? We investigate the pros and cons of both.

As stores prepare to reopen, many retailers are busy planning how they can modify their in-store processes and services to support social distancing measures.

But the fact is that social distancing is leading to queues, and customers are avoiding stores as a result. While retailers are aware that ensuring in-store social distancing is an absolute must and are looking at ways to manage their customers to ensure their safety and ease to build confidence to visit, some retailers may be weighing up the benefits of using a digital queueing app vs a clipboard and pen.

Find out how virtual queuing system can support social distancing and customer experience

We wanted to explain some of the benefits and disadvantages of the two methods as we see them:

Digital Queuing software: the disadvantages

Digital Queuing software: the advantages

Qudini’s Virtual Queuing System with QR code.

Clipboard and pen: the advantages

Clipboard and pen: the disadvantages

Learn more about Qudini’s virtual queuing system

Checkout the extremely rich features of our digital queuing software:

Don’t just take our word, see what our customers are saying about virtual queuing software:


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