What is the Retail Choreography framework?

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

Do you ever ask yourself: “How can I keep my brand relevant to modern consumers?”

It’s the right question to ask yourself.

Retail is in the midst of a revolution, and it has given modern consumers all the power. They can engage with multiple brands from the palms of their hands, and they can share their opinions about a brand with the world in an instant.

To win the hearts and minds of the all powerful modern consumer, retailers need to build highly compelling omni-channel offerings that increase their presence and build stronger customer relationships.

What is Retail Choreography?

Just like a dance choreographer constructs powerful and captivating routines through carefully planning and controlling the movement of their dancers across novel and exciting stage environments, reacting and adapting to environmental and cultural changes as they have to, the Retail Choreography framework enables retailers to construct powerful and captivating omni-channel retail offerings with the ability to adapt and grow at the pace they need. 

Through better planning and controlling their customer experience, store associate operations and data capture across all retail touchpoints, retailers can essentially “choreograph” the customer experience.  

The Retail Choreography framework takes retailers from:

A place of existential fear about their relevance in the future. Uncertainty around how the retail revolution will unfold has resulted in many retailers providing suboptimal and discordant omni-channel offerings that inhibit their ability to compete and grow. This stagnation is largely due to imperfect customer experiences, poor operational efficiency and limited or disparate customer data.

And delivers them to:

A place of strength, where they have a direction of clarity on how to win the revolution and ensure enduring brand relevance and growth. These brands have transformed into competitive and fast-growing retail organizations that increasingly win over the hearts and minds of modern consumers with stores and omni-channel offerings that are compelling, customer-centric, operationally-efficient and data-driven.

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The three pillars of Retail Choreography

Our Retail Choreography framework is comprised of three essential pillars: 

Pillar 1: Experience

Online retail has made customers more demanding, fickle and vocal than ever before, particularly youth generations. 

This makes it harder to drive customers to your business and retain their loyalty.

For instance:

The Retail Choreography framework allows retailers to create superior customer experiences that drive footfall to stores and maximize sales opportunities, customer loyalty and advocacy.

Pillar 2: Operations

Store operations are more intense and margins are tighter as stores transform into ‘brand interaction hubs’ to drive loyalty and sales across channels.

This means it is essential to make the most out of your people and space. To maximize sales and drive customer loyalty, stores need to be highly organized and have a high morale among store associates.

Staff turnover in the retail sector sits at 41% – with workplace stress, a lack of team collaboration and low morale all high contributors.

There’s also an overall lack of visibility and management of store associates and shop-floor resources in the retail sector, with breaks and overtime often poorly managed or unnoticed.

The Retail Choreography framework enables retailers to drive advanced store operations that minimize costs, improve compliance and maximize the productivity of store associates.

Pillar 3: Data

Brick-and-mortar data is disparate and hard to collect, particularly in brick-and-mortar stores where most retailers have limited data on their customer experience and store operations.

Retailers are unable to make strategic decisions that maximize profitability due to a lack of insight on their brick-and-mortar operations.

Costs are increased because resources aren’t planned intelligently, retailers lack data to make intelligent stocking, merchandising and marketing decisions, and the limited data brick-and-mortar retailers can access comes through costly consultants for time and motion studies, store exit surveys and mystery shopping activities.

The Retail Choreography framework enables retailers to capture game-changing data insights to increase profitability and make smarter commercial decisions through predicting the future.

The benefits of Retail Choreography

The Retail Choreography framework provides retailers with a range of compelling benefits, including:

Increased sales:

Reduced operational costs:

Increased loyalty:

Increased advocacy:

Smarter data-driven commercial decisions:

Improved brand relevance:

The Qudini Retail Choreography suite 

By utilizing Qudini’s Retail Choreography solutions, your retail organization will be able to:

Create superior customer experiences

Drive advanced store operations

Capture game-changing data insights

Find out how Qudini Retail Choreography has helped leading retailers increase sales, loyalty, awareness and more by looking at our Qudini Client ROI page


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