What is curbside pickup / click and collect and how does it work?

Raj Sangha
by Raj Sangha

A curbside pickup / click and collect service allows customers to collect orders they have purchased from a retailer online without entering the store, such as at the store entrance, car park or drive-through, using click and collect check-in software.

The popularity of curbside pickup services, or curbside click and collect services, has taken off in recent years, particularly in the US market, but Covid-19 has seen many retailers prioritise this initiative as it provides a fast, contactless and easy way for consumers to collect online orders.

The coronavirus pandemic has increased demand for online orders – research has shown consumers are far more likely to use buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS) services now than before the lockdown took place. But waiting in a queue at an online pickup or click and collect desk places consumers and employees at risk, so many retailers are using curbside BOPIS / click and collect check-in software to provide a contactless order pickup experience that is safe and engaging.

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How does a curbside pickup/click and collect service work?

Here are the three steps most curbside pickup services follow:

1) The customer checks into the click and collect system digitally

Qudini’s click and collect check-in software allows customers to choose where to collect items.

When a customer arrives at store to collect an online order, they can check-in from their phone (via a weblink in their order confirmation email or by scanning a QR code). Customers are able to select whether they prefer to pickup on foot or by car, and have the option of providing their vehicle details.

2) The customer is updated with a queue position and wait-time

Qudini’s click and collect service gives customers a queue position which they can track through a webpage.

Once the customer has been entered into the BOPIS check-in system, they are given a queue position by SMS and a live smartphone countdown. This gives them an estimated wait time, and allows them to manage their expectations. The customer is then automatically updated when their order has been located and is on its way.

3) The customer is given their online order by a store associate

A store associate at Currys PC World bringing an online order to a customer’s car boot without making contact.

A store associate brings the order out to the customer at the store entrance, curbside or car park. This means the customer never has to step foot inside the store and, if they are collecting the order from their car, don’t have to step foot outside their car (they can simply open their boot).

Store associates are able to view waiting customers from any desktop, tablet or smartphone device to locate their orders and then the customers.

Qudini’s curbside click and collect check-in service

Example: Currys PC World creates a contactless curbside experience

Well-known electronics retailer, Currys PC World, has rolled out a contactless curbside collection service at a number of its stores in the UK. The service allows customers to purchase products and collect online orders from the safety of their cars with Qudini’s virtual queuing technology.

Imogen Wethered, Qudini’s CEO and Co-Founder, visited Currys PC World to showcase the experience (and to collect a kettle).

Watch the 1 minute video below:

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