Walk-through of O2’s virtual queuing system for in-store one to one appointments

Raj Sangha
by Raj Sangha

O2 has rolled out Qudini’s retail queuing system across its UK portfolio of stores, offering customers requiring one to one support a simple, effective and safe way to receive servicing. Here’s what it looks like in action!

With its stores now open after more than two months of being closed as a result of Covid-19, the well-known telco retailer, O2, has implemented a new digital initiative that allows customers to skip the queues and instead join a virtual queue management system.

Imogen Wethered, Qudini’s CEO and Co-Founder, visited an O2 store on London’s Oxford Street over the weekend and captured the experience in a one minute video:

Find out how a virtual queue management system works

The queuing app allows customers to receive a text when an advisor is ready to assist them in a personal one to one appointment.

O2 stores make it easy for customers to receive safe one-to-one service.

O2 has implemented a number of other social distancing measures across its store portfolio, including two metre floor markings, only allowing a small number of customers inside a store at once, installing screens at all open service areas, and equipping employees with PPE gear such as gloves and face coverings.

Customers are notified via text message when it’s time to return to the store.

Why we love O2’s one-to-one service experience

1) It’s safe

Customers don’t have to wait in long queues to enter the store or to receive service. They can arrive at a store to register for service via an O2 store associate, and return when it’s their turn. This reduces their direct contact with O2 employees and other customers drastically.

2) It’s easy

Customers can join a virtual queue in a matter of seconds. The process is simple and pragmatic, helping to put customers’ minds at ease.

3) It’s engaging

The service comes with accurate wait time calculations and a queue position, so consumers know exactly how long they will be waiting for and can manage their expectations. This approach also means the O2 team can easily manage incoming appointments, as they are instantly updated when a customer checks in for service.

Learn more about Qudini’s queuing app


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