Ensure social distancing and eliminate physical queues

With market-leading Virtual Queuing Software to enable customers to join a virtual queue (by host or their phone) and to receive updates until their turn.

How virtual queue management works:

  • Step 1: Join queue

    Enable customers to join the virtual queue by a host with a tablet, a kiosk or their own mobile phone.

  • Step 2: Receive updates

    Provide customers with their wait time and queue position by SMS and a live smartphone countdown (or even TV displays). Qudini automatically updates them as their turn draws near.

  • Step 3: Manage

    Store associates can manage customers from any desktop, tablet or smartphone device. We have native apps for IOS and Android. Integration with footfall counting tools updates Qudini automatically.

  • Gain insights

    Access continuous insights on footfall patterns, customer interests, resource needs and much more.

  • Rich features

    Pick-and-mix from our rich feature including: self-service kiosks, TV displays, printed tickets and much more.

  • Integrated solutions

    Integrates with the Qudini Appointment Booking Software and Task Management Software. Our software can stand alone, or easily integrate with your ecosystem.


  • Ensure social distancing
  • Build customer confidence to visit
  • Increase sales
  • Improve productivity
  • Enhance loyalty & brand reputation
  • Drive a competitive advantage

Powerful Proven Results

  • 33% average transaction value increase, ensures greater revenues (global eyewear retailer).

  • 62% walkout reduction ensures more sales and loyalty (telco retailer).

  • 27% reduction in staff serve times leads to greater efficiency (telco retailer).

  • Insights that enable improved resource allocation, sales and marketing initiatives (all our clients).


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