How luxury brands can market their appointment booking system offerings

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

Despite the sharp rise in online shopping in recent years, luxury brands still make the majority of sales in their stores – and some have refused to create e-commerce sites altogether. In fact, during the Covid-19 outbreak we’ve seen a number of prominent high-end retailers struggle to scrap together e-commerce sites in order to serve their customers remotely.

However, the luxury retail market’s fixation with in-store sales stems from its core offering – to provide a highly personalized, high-touch service that’s tailored to the needs of the individual.

With this in mind, luxury brands and those operating in the sector need to come up with innovative ways to attract customers to their physical stores and optimize staff efficiency in-store through training and the introduction of new technology.

To ensure service is consistently seamless and premium, luxury brands and advisors need to effectively manage customers and enable them to secure their service online in advance through pre-booked appointments. Furthermore, when service footfall begins to grow, the appointment booking offering needs to be well communicated to customers through a variety of advertising messages and channels.

Guide: how to promote your appointment booking service

Introducing “QDi” and your guide to promoting your appointment booking software

Offering in-store services, such as personal styling advice or make up tutorials, is a great way to attract footfall to stores and build stronger customer relationships. But this service won’t become popular with your customers if they are unaware that it exists. We’ve created a guide to promoting your appointment booking service, and, in order to make it more digestible, we have used a fictional brand, QDi, and have visualized a full end-to-end appointment booking promotional campaign to promote a ‘Style Expert’ service and the ability to pre-book an appointment.

About the (fictional) in-store styling service and our campaign

Founded in 2012, QDi is a fast growing luxury brand that sells fashion apparel and accessories both online and in-store. It is extremely popular amongst GenZ, Millennial and GenX consumers and, to remain relevant to its modern customer base, needs to continually grow its brand presence and store footprint to build stronger customer relationships that last into the future.

A landing page marketing QDi’s appointment booking software.

Qdi has launched a new ‘QDi Style Expert’ service that enables customers to schedule tailored one-to-one in-store or online appointments with QDi’s team of in-house fashion and styling experts. After deploying Qudini’s appointment booking software to support this new initiative, QDi wants to tell the world about its new premium service and drive continuous traffic.

Stay in style – QDi’s core proposition and campaign

Shop sign on an easel mockup

Whether you want to discover a new look, have a special event on the horizon, or want to browse through a selection of our latest products, our dedicated one-to-one shoppers have the fashion knowledge and style expertize to help you find the perfect solution.

QDi’s ‘Stay in style’ proposition is designed to appeal to luxury shoppers wanting to benefit from a tailored, one-to-one service (it’s also a brief nod to today’s Covid-19 consumers).

We will be drawing attention to this new (fictional) service through a number of different channels, including:

Read our blogs for insights on how to effectively promoting your store offering across the above channels, or download our free guide on promoting your appointment booking service here.

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