How to transform the in-store customer experience

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How to transform the in-store customer experience

Transforming the in-store customer experience

When a customer’s perception of a brand does not match the in-store reality, they are likely to complain or discontinue their purchase. Our latest whitepaper research revealed that £3.4 billion a year is being lost each year as a result of poor customer service. Not only this, it also found that the average retailer will lose 10% of its footfall due to in-store waiting times. That means that UK retailers in aggregate lose a total of £15 billion in potential sales a year due to walkouts from their stores.

Whilst some customers might turn to competitor stores or the internet to continue their purchase, on average 25% of customers will discontinue their purchase journey entirely. These statistics negate the work done by retailers to try and build their brand reputation and attract customers to their store outlets.

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