Top tips to increase retail footfall in your retail store

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As we hear news this week that BHS is going into administration and now reportedly retailer Austin Reed is to follow suit. We ask the questions to what is causing this, poor in-store experiences or as reported last week, a decline in retail footfall?

According to recent reports, within The Retail Bulletin, retail footfall has declined by 3.7% year on year in march.

There are concerning figures published by the British retail consortium and Springboard that show a decline of 3.9% in high street while shopping centre footfall fell by 3.7%. Although an early Easter is seen as a challenge for many retailers, there are ways of engaging the customers whilst in the stores to convert into sales.

How can we improve retail footfall from declining?

As footfall declines for High street, Retailers are now investing in developments to improve their in-store experiences and customer engagement, to reduce customer walkouts and loses to competitors. For advice on how to build great customer relationships, read Colour Graphics guide here.

Qudini is already helping support Retailers to achieve these results, with the likes of O2 UK, reducing customer walkouts by 62% across their 487 stores, all from using Qudini. By engaging with O2 customers at the point of entry, taking their details, customers feedback that they felt wanted and preferred to wait. Thus providing more face-to-face time with advisors who could potentially turn a query into a sale.

Our solution can offer this service not only to retailers but to restaurants who may find it a challenge to keep up with customer queues in busy periods. Personalised call backs and customer management systems helps restaurants make more covers in busy periods personalising their experience in waiting and therefore do not opt for other restaurants.

The retail figures reported within The Retail Bulletin are an indication that customers are changing their shopping habits. Retail stores must keep up with online and mobile shopping in order to stay relevant. Qudini offers solutions for retailers to give them maximum competitive advantage and customer engagement.


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