Top five of the world’s most interesting queues revealed

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Top five of the world’s most interesting queues revealed

Irrespective of our vast differences, it’s fair to say that long queues are the bane of many across the world. Whether it’s waiting for petrol or queuing for a Christmas turkey, no one likes to kept waiting! However, the following queues, ranging from infuriating to downright inventive as in the case of Thailand, have nothing on what you might be used to.

Fuel Queues in Lagos, Nigeria


Image Source: Wetindey Online

Considering that it’s Africa’s most densely populated city, Lagos will naturally have a few frustration-inducing queues, however things have recently hit a peak for many drivers. With striking oil workers and fuel scarcity, queuing for petrol at filling stations can take hours with no guarantee of getting petrol.

Cairo’s Mogamma

Many would consider Cairo’s Mogamma, the 14-story building forming the backdrop of iconic Tahrir Square, character building. The Mogamma is the port of call for all tourists looking to renew their visas, but the impenetrable bureaucracy leaves many a tourist preferring to pay a small fine upon leaving the country. Beating the long queues means having a lot of patience and waking up at the crack of dawn due to chances of being seen looking bleak after 12pm.

Queuing with Shoes in Thailand

Creativity will get you far in Thailand with people placing their shoes on the floor to mark their position in the queue. Save yourself the long wait on your feet, by taking off what’s on your feet!

thailand queue.jpg

Image Source: Pinterest

H&M Diffusion Line Queues

With designer labels being out of reach for most people, the ensuing hype when the likes of Balmain or Alexander Wang announce a collaboration with fast fashion retailer H&M is understandable. H&M’s most recent collaboration with Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing had people queuing long before shop doors opened, and even that wasn’t enough to prevent what the media described to be a ‘frenzied riot’ of customers clamouring for the exclusive pieces.

Ingenious plan to Queuing

Aside from the worst queues, Japan has taken on a unique way to solve this age-old problem. Sometimes long queues are inevitable, but what if you have other commitments? Well, we came across this interesting video of a British tourist in Japan who found that Japanese football fans have come up with an ingenious plan to be in two places at once! Fans queuing for football tickets have taken to keeping their place in the queue by sticking tape, marked with details including their name and number of tickets they’d like to purchase, on the ground sometimes a day in advance.

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