Infographic – Top causes of poor customer experience and complaints within retail

The Qudini Marketing Team
by The Qudini Marketing Team

This year Qudini surveyed 2,000 UK consumers to understand how often they had a poor experience within a retail store and to question what caused their poor experiences.

We found that:

Infographic Top Customer Complaint Reasons In Retail Qudini

As displayed in the infographic:

Graph Poor Customer Experience Complaints In Retail By Geography Qudini

Top Cause Of Poor Customer Experience Within Retail

Graph How Customers Complain In The Event Of A Poor Experience Qudini

Why these facts matter:

What you can do about it:

Download our whitepaper: To further understand these insights broken down by gender, age and geography demographics download our full whitepaper at:

Link to Whitepaper: The Cause of Customer Complaints in Retail



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