These 3 in-store tech solutions help reduce the financial loss of queuing

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

To help retailers to combat the significant financial loss caused by queuing during and outside of Covid-19, we surveyed 2,000 UK consumers to get on their opinions on:

What do shoppers think of systems used to choreograph their store experience?

In September, 2020, we surveyed consumers on their opinions of key Retail Choreography software solutions being implemented by retailers:

Our insights showed that every type of retailer had an opportunity to improve customer experience for their customers during the pandemic. With grocery stores, building societies, pharmacies, shopping malls, opticians, department stores, fashion stores, garden centres, electronics, DIY, homeware/furniture and phone stores proving most popular.

We also found that a high percentage of customers ranked all three of these solutions as almost equally useful before the pandemic as they did during the pandemic.

Why do consumers think these solutions could be beneficial?

When looking at appointment booking software, we found that the main benefits are safety and efficiency. 

Consumers who stated the same benefits (safety and efficiency) for virtual queuing systems, with reducing the risk of contracting Covid-19 and more productive use of time being the most common benefits.

How would these in-store systems impact customer spend, loyalty and advocacy?

When asked what the benefit of a retailer offering one of these services would be, the survey respondents indicated that these systems used to choreograph their in-store experience would have the following impact:

All this presents a powerful business case for using in-store appointments and virtual queuing systems when stores reopen and suggests that retailers looking to implement these services post-lockdown could put themselves in a strong position to combat customer concerns around visiting stores and to recoup the revenues that would otherwise be lost to queues and waits for service.

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