Terms and privacy links

This page aggregates all the necessary links you may need to access in relation to privacy or the terms of using our Corporate Website, App, App Site or Booking interface.

Privacy links

Qudini take privacy seriously and ensures that we are transparent as to how data is used and processed and used. The following links are relevant to understand how Qudini ensure privacy of your data:

The Qudini Privacy Policy

Available at: www.qudini.com/privacy-policy/

Defines the different categories of data that Qudini captures and how it is processed and stored.

The Qudini Sub-Processors List

Available at: www.qudini.com/sub-processors/

Forms a part of our privacy policy and defines the sub-processors involved in processing the different categories of data processed by Qudini.

Cookie Policy – App Site

Available at: www.qudini.com/cookie-policy/app-site

Explains how the Qudini Software platform available at app.qudini.com uses cookies in relation to users of our platform.

Cookie Policy – Booking Interface

Available at: www.qudini.com/cookie-policy/bookings-interface

Explains how the standard Qudini Appointment Booking and Event booking interfaces made available online at www.bookings.qudini.com, to enable customers of our client’s to book appointments or events enabled by our clients, uses cookie.

Cookie Policy – Corporate Site


Explains how our corporate website available online at app.qudini.com uses cookies.

Terms links

Terms are used to define the relationship between Qudini and users of our site.

App Site Terms of Use

Available at: www.qudini.com/app-site-terms-of-use/

Explains Qudini’s ownership rights with respect to our site and what users should and should not do with respect to their use of our site.

App Site User Terms

Available at: www.qudini.com/App-site-user-terms/

Defines the relationship with users of our App and App site and integrates with our SaaS agreement where applicable.

Supplier Policy and Standards

Supply policy and standards: Principles and code of conduct

Available at: https://www.qudini.com/supplier-policy-and-standards/
Provides an overview of Qudini’s policies when working with suppliers.

Anti-bribery policy for suppliers

Available at: www.qudini.com/anti-bribery-policy-for-suppliers
Explains Qudini’s policy towards anti-bribery in regards to our suppliers.

Anti-slavery statement

Available at: www.qudini.com/anti-slavery-statement

Explains Qudini’s policy towards anti-slavery and human trafficking in its supply chains.


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