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Help stores to navigate through Covid-19

through instant HQ and store level sharing of tasks, resources and motivational messages.

Drive profitability and enduring brand relevance through:

  • Superior customer

  • Advanced store

  • Game-changing
    data insights

Powering the world’s leading brands

Key features

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    Stay alert
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    Gain insight
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    AI predict
  • Powerful platform

Drive cross-organization collaboration

Give your head office teams, regional managers and store managers the ability to communicate tasks, resources, company updates, tips, motivational messages and action items to stores on a daily basis. 

Improve quality and effectiveness

Drive maximum quality and effectiveness by creating tasks with:

  • Useful information in the form of URLs and attachments including images, PDFs and videos.
  • Checklists of key actions required to complete the task.
  • Required start times or completion deadlines.
  • Repeating schedules.
  • Upcoming or past customers served on a scheduled appointment or walk-in basis.

Ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time

Improve productivity and allocation of resources by:

  • Assigning tasks to store associates in advance or on the fly.
  • Enabling your shop floor manager to manage completed tasks.
  • Providing head office with interfaces to create and manage task completion.
  • Allowing the store to manage task activities alongside associate shift times, breaks, prescheduled appointments and walk-in customer service activities, all within a single interface.


Stay alert with real-time alerts and analytics dashboards

Real-time interfaces drive cross-organization productivity by providing consistent visibility of task progress and expectations.

Customizable alerts and notifications help your store teams to react quickly and complete tasks on time.

Enable store associates to ask questions and comment on specific tasks.

Analyze time and motion

Harness the value of unique game-changing insights that enable you to improve store productivity, quality, sales and resourcing strategies. Use the Qudini analytics dashboards, email reports and integration options to understand:

  • Task activity and productivity.
  • Time and motion activities over tasks, breaks and dwell time.
  • How resource allocation compares against task requirements.
  • How long each task took to complete.
  • Which tasks fell overdue and why.
  • How public data like the weather, traffic and local events impact performance.
  • How your third-party data set trends correlate.
  • And more…

Advance into the future with AI-driven predictions 

Empower your stores to predict the future with intelligently calculated yet intuitively displayed machine learning algorithms that use a combination of Qudini data, third-party software data and public data sets (such as the weather).

Get started instantly with our out-of-the-box software:

  • Enterprise grade, cloud-based and centralized.
  • Flexible and customizable.
  • Multi-language and multi-timezone.
  • One platform, multiple solutions, rich functionality.
  • Fully hardware compatible: with desktop, windows, IOS and Android app for store associates and web-based consumer interfaces that integrate with your website and mobile apps.
  • Stand alone, yet easily integrates: with CRM, workforce management, outlook and beyond.
  • ISO27001 and GDPR compliant, robust and secure.
  • Simple to deploy and use.
  • Evergreen updates to innovative functionality.
  • Supported by an agile, consultative and impact-oriented team.

Read more about our platform and security.

Task Management software use cases

  • Coronavirus public health guideline updates

  • Send motivational messages through Covid-19

  • One-off store tasks

  • Checklists of regular tasks

  • Share information, news and resources

  • Store oversight

  • Visual merchandising

  • Promotions and marketing

  • Stock management

  • Compliance

  • Customer management

  • Communicate during emergency situations

  • Training and development

Proven Results

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  • Improved productivity and quality

    13% reduction in store associate dwell-time for eyewear retailer.

    “If Qudini was taken away from the store, I am not entirely sure how we would cope. I wouldn’t even want to imagine life without Qudini.”

    Store Manager, Specsavers

    Reduced consulting spend

    With Qudini real-time insights, less budget is required for consulting on time and motion surveys, exit surveys and mystery shopping.

    “Without Qudini, I would feel a lot less in control than I do right now. But I know exactly what is going on in my store and it helps me lead my team a lot better and it gives me the time to be able to do that.”

    Store Manager, O2 UK

  • Increased sales

    A telco retailer experienced an increase in sales after improving its store environment and colleague service levels.

    “Without Qudini, I would feel a lot less in control than I do right now. But I know exactly what is going on in my store and it helps me lead my team a lot better and it gives me the time to be able to do that.”

    Store Manager, O2 UK

    Smarter commercial decisions

    $2m cost savings for a telco retailer due to Qudini’s brick-and-mortar data insights.

    “It’s a lot less stressful with Qudini. I think when you’ve got something that works so well it makes your job a lot easier.”

    Store associate, Specsavers

  • Improved resource allocation

    Our retail clients have improved efficiency with a more organized and efficient shop floor.

    “I love the reporting dashboard. I use it during my daily team sessions to drive sales and plan lunches and breaks.”

    Store Manager, Travel Agency

    Increased staff retention

    Reduced workplace stress for store associates at an eyewear retailer.

    “It’s a lot less stressful with Qudini. I think when you’ve got something that works so well it makes your job a lot easier.”

    Store Associate, Specsavers

  • Centralization of tools

    A vaping retailer no longer need walkie-talkies to communicate across store.

    “The task management analytics that we get from Qudini has really helped us to understand how the stores are actually planning time and utilizing the people in-store during the time of operations.”

    Head of Operations, O2

    Generated more ROI

    900%+ average return on investment with a tool that takes just half a day to learn to use.

    “It’s so intuitive, we just picked it up and started using it. So easy to use, very simple and incredibly valuable to us.”

    Store Manager, TUI

  • Greater GDPR compliance

    A GDPR-compliant approach to tracking employee activities and performance for HR records.

Case Study Video:

Why store associates find Qudini essential to their day-to-day work.


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