Qudini In-store
Click & Collect System

Improve Click & Collect customer loyalty by offering an in-store experience as seamless as your
customer’s experience online

In Store Click And Collect System Qudini


Qudini In-store Click and Collect System enables you to boost staff productivity whilst serving your Click and Collect customers faster.

Qudini enables your Click and Collect customers to check-in when they enter your store. This alerts your staff member that they have arrived, enabling them to swiftly collect the customer’s items. On completion an alert will trigger via a TV display or SMS to inform the customer that their order is ready to collect.

In peak times multiple customers can be checked-in and have their orders located at once. You can choose to further manage footfall by providing customers with the option to pre-book their collection slot in advance using an online booking interface.


  • Eliminate the need for dedicated Click and Collect counter desks:

    Self-service kiosks, tablets and customer’s own devices are used as the first point of customer interaction, reducing the need for manned counter desks.

  • Reduce wait times (and perception of the waiting time):

    Customers can check-in when they arrive in store, allowing your staff to prepare the order for when the customer reaches the collection area.

  • Improve Click and Collect resource management:

    Customers can check-in from anywhere, enabling staff to carry out other tasks, assured that they will be alerted when a customer needs them.

  • Increase staff productivity:

    Reduce trips to and from your stockroom and allow your staff to focus on other tasks in quiet Click and Collect periods.

and capture customers

Greet and serve your Click and Collect customers more effectively to speed service and manage queues, by enabling them to check-in using:

  • Self-service kiosk devices
  • The Qudini concierge app
  • The Qudini receptionist desktop interface
  • Their own mobile phone
  • Other in-store IoT devices or location based technology
  • Online booking interface to enable customers to pre-book their collection slot

and retain footfall

Manage customer expectations and reduce wait time perception, by providing your customers with personalised wait time estimates and order status updates through audio-visual channels including:

  • Kiosk devices used to check-in
  • SMS message content
  • Email reminders for pre-booked collection slots
  • A weblink to a queue position/order status tracker
  • In app notifications
  • Printed paper tickets with wait time information
  • Digital TV signage displays that show processing orders and call forward customers when their order is ready
  • Integrated physical pager devices
  • Follow-up with customers post visit to obtain feedback

your customers and the shop floor

Improve your counter and stock room efficiency, with functionality to manage your staff and your Click & Collect customer activities:

  • Access Qudini on any desktop, tablet or mobile device to manage customer orders
  • Manage customers with pre-booked collection slots to prepare orders faster and allocate resource
  • Receive alerts when thresholds and KPIs are exceeded
  • Manage staff availability and breaks
  • Clienteling and loyalty recognition
  • Integration with your order management software and warehouse management system to update multiple systems at once

and improve operations

Continually improve performance, resourcing strategies, footfall and even marketing initiatives, by accessing Qudini analytics via real-time dashboards and email reports. Understand your:

  • Customer turnout
  • Wait times
  • Parcel location times
  • Customer collection times
  • Staff availability and activities


  • Doubled

    staff productivity

  • 20% reduction

    in counter resource needs, now that customers can check-in through self-service

  • 40% improvement

    in customer satisfaction

  • 24% of customers

    browse and purchase whilst they wait, amounting to £7,000 additional revenue per month for one client

“Customers feel more relaxed when they check-in on Qudini. Time passes quicker for them. It also takes the stress away from our co-workers and allows them to spend time on other tasks when there are no customers collecting.”
Store Leader | Enterprise Furniture retailer


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