Shop Floor Management

Right people, right place

By managing store associate shifts, activities and breaks to ensure your team are in the right place at the right time..

Drive profitability and lasting brand relevance through:

  • Superior customer

  • Advanced store

  • Game-changing
    data insights

Key features

  • Manage
  • Empower
  • Alerts
  • Analyze
  • AI Predictions

Allocate your team to the right places at the right times

Improve productivity, collaboration and team morale by centrally managing the locations, breaks and task activities of all store associates across your shop floor.

Improve individual advisor time management

Enable your individual team members to gain visibility of the store’s general activities.

Better communicate shift times, schedules, breaks and tasks through customizable alerts and notifications.

Improve store performance with real-time insights and alerts

Access real-time insights on the activities and performance of store associates, ensuring continued drive to improve performance.

Analyze time and motion

Analyze your Qudini insights through our rich analytics dashboards, email reports and integration options to understand: 

  • Store associate time and motion activities on breaks, customers and tasks
  • Store associate performance 
  • What public data will indicate an impact on store performance, such as the weather, traffic and local events
  • Third-party data set correlations
  • And much more…

Advance into the future with AI-driven predictions

Predict future behaviors and benefit from AI-driven actionable insights provided by our advanced machine learning algorithms which combine Qudini data, third-party software data and public data sets (such as the weather).

Qudini queuing system use cases

  • Store shop floor

  • Warehouse floor

  • Contact center floor management

Impact of Qudini Queuing System

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  • Improve efficiency

    13% reduction in dwell time for store associates at an eyewear retailer

    If Qudini was taken away from the store, I am not entirely sure how we would cope. I wouldn’t even want to imagine life without Qudini.

    Store Manager, Specsavers

    Better manage breaks

    100% reduction in break over-time used

  • Improve sales

    A telco retailer experienced improved sales as a direct result of an improved store experience and customer service levels

    Improve productivity


    13% reduction in beauty retailer dwell time 



    “I’d say that 20-30% of customers buy something whilst they wait using Qudini.”

    Store Manager, Furniture Retailer

  • Improve staff retention

    with improved team morale and communication alongside reduced stress

    It’s just a lot less stress. I think when you’ve got something that works so well it makes your job a lot easier.

    Store Colleague, Specsavers

    Improve resource allocation

    Our retail clients have improved efficiency with a more organized and efficient shop floor

    Without Qudini, I would feel a lot less in control than I do right now. But I know exactly what is going on in my store and it helps me lead my team a lot better and it gives me the time to be able to do that.

    Store Manager, O2 UK

  • Reduce consulting spend

    Cost savings from using Qudini’s real-time insights, as less budget is required for consulting on time & motion, exit surveys and mystery shopping

    “I like it. It’s better than before. It allows us to get on with other things and not have to keep an eye on the click and collect desk.”

    Store colleague, grocery retailer

  • Smarter commercial decisions

    $2m cost savings for a telco retailer due to Qudini’s brick-and-mortar data insights

    I love the reporting dashboard. I use it during my daily team sessions to drive sales and plan lunches and breaks.

    Store Manager, Travel Agency

    Centralisation of tools

    The store associates at a vaping retailer no longer need walkie talkies to communicate

    “If Qudini was taken away from the store, I am not entirely sure how we would cope. I wouldn’t even want to imagine life without Qudini.”

    Store Manager, eyewear retailer

  • Generate more ROI

    900%+ average return on investment through achieving the above results all through a tool that takes just half a day to learn to use

    It’s so intuitive. We just picked it up and started using it. So easy to use, very simple and incredibly valuable to us.

    Store Manager, TUI

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