Ecosystem Integration Options


by using Qudini as your all day, everyday tool
and central hub to connect your ecosystem of
experience, operations and data tools.

Increase your profitability and ensure lasting brand relevance with:

Powering the world’s leading brands

Integration benefits

As a stand-alone application, the Qudini Retail Choreography Suite’s value is significant. It can be used by your team to drive footfall to your products and services, as well as manage and analyze all store activities, and will quickly become the main tool used by your store teams all day, everyday.

However, when our suite of software is integrated with your existing retail software ecosystem, it becomes even more powerful.

Integration examples

  • In-store customer
    engagement platforms
  • Staff and shop floor
    management platforms
  • BI & AI
  • eCommerce
  • PIM & content
  • Telematics
  • CRM
  • EPOS & payments
  • Video confererencing
  • Marketing and social platforms
  • ERP & OMS
  • and additional advanced technologies

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