Market-leading Queue Management Software for enterprise brands

Ensure social distancing and a great customer experience. By enabling your customers to join a virtual queue and stay updated while they wait their turn.

Drive profitability and lasting brand relevance through:

  • Superior customer

  • Advanced store

  • Game-changing
    data insights

Powering the world’s leading brands

Key features

  • Step 1: Engage customers
  • Step 2: Retain foot traffic
  • Step 3: Know your customers
  • Step 4: Manage activites
  • Step 5: Gain insight
  • Step 6:
    AI predict
  • Powerful platform

Capture customers in need of service

Greet your walk-in customers more effectively by enabling them to check-in via:

  • Your host or receptionist.
  • Self-service kiosk devices.
  • A website or in-app interface.
  • QR codes or SMS.
  • IOT devices or location based services (GPRS, WiFi, IBeacons)

Retain foot traffic with personalized information

Retain customers by managing their expectations and ensuring a relaxed waiting experience through updating them of their wait time and queue position by:

  • Your host meeter-greeter.
  • SMS messages.
  • A smartphone webpage with a personalized countdown.
  • TV displays.
  • Printed tickets.

Improve sales by knowing your customers

Increase conversion, customer spend and ongoing loyalty by knowing your customers and offering a professional service with:

  • Tailored customer questions.
  • Visual customer descriptions.
  • Customer profile records.
  • CRM integration.
  • Outcome reporting.
  • Easy follow-up bookings.
  • Post visit messages to encourage future visits or capture feedback.

Manage customers and colleagues

Ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time with:

  • Access on any desktop, tablet or smartphone device.
  • Host interface to manage the entire shop floor from a single device.
  • Real-time overview dashboards.
  • Individual associate interfaces.
  • Translated interfaces based on your store’s location.
  • Outlook calendar integration.
  • Associate push notifications alerts for key events.
  • Manager threshold SMS alerts when set KPIs exceeded.
  • Manage pre-scheduled appointments, tasks and breaks alongside walk-in customers.

Improve operations with game-changing data insights

Harness the unprecedented insights captured in Qudini to continually improve your footfall, sales, resourcing strategies, supply chain management and marketing initiatives.

Use Qudini dashboards, email reports and integration options to better understand:

  • Who your customers are and why they visit.
  • Which customers are loyal to your brand.
  • How your in-store resource allocation and skill-sets compare against customer demand.
  • How long your customers wait to be served.
  • Staff performance insights into customer service interactions and productivity.
  • Time and motion insights into store associate customers, breaks and dwell time.
  • Customer feedback on their experience.
  • How public data impacts appointment performance such as the weather, traffic and local events.

Advance into the future with AI-driven predictions

State-of-the-art machine learning algorithms use a combination of Qudini data, third-party software data and public data sets (such as the weather) to predict the future and provide your teams with AI-driven, actionable insights.

Get started instantly with our out-of-the-box software:

  • Enterprise grade, cloud-based and centralized.
  • Flexible and customizable.
  • Multi-language and multi-timezone.
  • One platform, multiple solutions, rich functionality.
  • Fully hardware compatible: with desktop, windows, IOS and Android app for store associates and web-based consumer interfaces that integrate with your website and mobile apps.
  • Stand alone, yet easily integrates: with CRM, workforce management, outlook, video conferencing, payments and beyond.
  • ISO27001 and GDPR compliant, robust and secure.
  • Simple to deploy and use.
  • Evergreen updates to innovative functionality.
  • Supported by an agile, consultative and impact-oriented team.

Read more about our platform and security.

Queuing System use cases

  • In-store social distancing

  • Access to a venue, facility or experience

  • Host app

  • Contactless online order pickup

  • Waits for in-person services

  • Virtual service by phone or video

  • Customer check-in and loyalty recognition

  • Queues for information, returns or check-out desks

  • Request assistance from anywhere in-store

  • Orders, repairs and customisation updates

  • Cafe, lounge or restaurant waitlist

  • Hire of resources, equipment and transport

  • Pre-order waitlists

  • Subscribe for updates

Proven Results

Click on the tile to read quotes from our customers

  • Increased sales

    • 62% walkout reduction for a telco retailer
    • 33% average transaction value increase for an eyewear retailer

    “Qudini has enabled us to have a much more pleasant customer experience in the store and we can definitely see that we’ve had a percentage growth in terms of revenue. People are able to come in and complete their sight tests a bit quicker, which means that they are more likely to stay with us and buy glasses.”

    Franchise Partner, Specsavers

    Increased advocacy

    • 40% NPS score increase due to a 65% reduction in click and collect wait times – department store

    “Working with Qudini, we’ve been able to allow customers to browse in-store, rather than stand in a queue not knowing when they are going to be served. So the output of that has really given us some strong NPS success.”

  • Increased unplanned purchasing

    • 24% of our customers make an unplanned purchase – furniture retailer

    “I’d say that 20-30% of customers buy something whilst they wait using Qudini.”

    Store Manager, International Furniture Retailer

    Increased loyalty

    “All time high” customer scores for a telco retailer

    ”Because we’re able to serve those patients in a better timescale, they not only come back to us, but also recommend us to friends and family”

    Store Associate, global eyewear retailer

  • Improved shop floor productivity

    • 13% reduction in dwell time for store associates – eyewear retailer

    “Qudini leaves me having less stress within my working day and that has to make me perform better.”

    Lead Optometrist, International eyewear retailer

    Improved resource allocation

    • Store associates more productive after click and collect desk replaced with Qudini kiosk – grocery retailer
    • $2m per annum resource reduction due to Qudini data insights on footfall trends – telco retailer

    “Qudini allows me to allocate resource more effectively, so that the team functions more efficiently, than ever before.”

    Branch Manager, International Retail Bank

  • Improved brand perception

    • O2, Specsavers, Natwest and Samsung have all improved their perception as innovative, digital and customer-centric brands thanks to Qudini

    “It’s something that we kind of show off to a customer and say “look, here you go, why don’t you enter your name in”, and it creates that little bit of trust that “oh, my name is captured on a system.”

    Store Leader, O2, telecoms retailer

    Improved staff retention

    • Staff retention has increased due to the reduced workplace stress caused by better queue management – optical retailer

    “It’s just a lot less stress. When you’ve got something that works so well it makes your job a lot easier.”

    Store Associate, international eyewear retailer

  • Better commercial decisions

    • Samsung, Natwest, Brown Thomas, Tui and other retailers all capture game-changing insights that enable them to better understand their customer needs and behaviors to make smarter commercial decisions around resource planning, supply chain management and marketing

    “The footfall analytics and the task management analytics that we get from Qudini has really helped us to understand how the stores are actually planning time and utilizing the people in the store during the time of operation. It also gives us some really clear insight into when customers are coming in and what they are coming in to ask us for as well.”

    Head of Operations, O2

    Improved competitive advantage

    • All our clients stand out from the competition through a tool that improves their customer experience and store operations and provides them with unique brick-and-mortar insights

    “I like it. It’s very professional and something that our competition doesn’t offer.”

    Store Associate, Travel Agency

  • Reduced consulting spend

    • $200k per annum reduction in consulting spend for a telco retailer that now benefits from real-time, detailed insights on their customer demographics, behaviours and store operations. They have since reduced their need for time and motion studies, mystery shopping and exit surveys

    Improved GDPR compliance

    An eyewear retailer and a telco retailer now have a secure and encrypted system to manage customers entering their stores, as opposed to non-GDPR compliant approaches such as recording sensitive customer data on clipboards.

    “Learning to use Qudini is really really simple, the steps are really easy. The user interface is really simple. It took me about half a day to learn how to utilise all the services.”

    Store Associate, Samsung

  • Low cost of ownership

    Deployed Qudini out-of-box to thousands of stores across India using commercially available hardware and without having to visit a single store – telco retailer

    “Learning to use Qudini is really really simple, the steps are really easy. The user interface is really simple. It took me about half a day to learn how to utilise all the services.”

    Store Associate, Samsung

    Head office time saved

    • Insights are more seamlessly accessed and store communications are simpler and faster, saving significant head office time in analysis and store communications
  • Saved physical space

    • 20 square meters saved per store for a grocery retailer after implementing click and collect kiosks instead of the click and collect desk

    Improved partner sales

    • Nearby reseller partners have experienced an increase in sales as a direct result of the service received in their experience stores – electronics retailer
  • Centralization of tools

    • The rich Qudini feature set enables you to centralize processes and business intelligence into one simple tool. A vaping retailer has reduced the need for walkie-talkies across their stores now that Qudini provides visibility of store activities

    Simple to embed

    • Stores are able to become native Qudini users within half a day

    “Learning to use Qudini is really, really simple. The steps are really easy. The user interface is really simple. It took me about half a day to learn how to utilize all the services.”

    Store Associate, Samsung

Case Study Video:

How retailers Samsung, O2, Specsavers and NatWest retail bank use the Qudini Queuing System to drive sales and loyalty.


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