Qudini Flexible
Tablet Kiosk Hardware

Ensure fast deployment and low cost of ownership with Qudini’s tablet-based self-service Flexible Kiosk Hardware.

Flexible Tablet Based Kiosk Hardware Qudini


Developed by Qudini, the Qudini Flexible Tablet Kiosk Hardware is the first of its kind and can house any iPad, Android or Windows tablet device and ticket printer in a sleek designed unit which can be customised with your brand. It is device agnostic, and can house any commercially available off-the-shelf tablet hardware.

By working with commercially available hardware, this unique tablet based self-service kiosk unit allows for fast deployment and low cost of ongoing support and maintenance for your business.

Now you can enable your customers to join the queue, collect online orders, check-in for appointments and register for events from anywhere on your shop floor easily and at low cost.


  • Reduce your support needs:

    Deploy the technology and operating software that you already use within your business.

  • Reduce cost of ownership:

    Use commercially available hardware that is easy to support as a single device, as well as commercially available thermal receipt paper.

  • Reduce volumes of devices required:

    Unlock your device and use it for other purposes, for example, as a Concierge app.

  • Ensure a premium customer experience:

    Brand your hardware to ensure in-store consistency and a fantastic customer experience.


Qudini Flexible Kiosk Hardware has a sleek and modern design which you can customise with your own logo.

Qudini Flexible Tablet Kiosk Hardware

with any tablet

Flexible and compatible with any modern tablet hardware (with an 11-13 inch screen), you can use your existing devices. This speeds up deployment and reduces operational costs. A rubberised frame encloses your tablet which is locked in with a central locking device.

Qudini Flexible Tablet Kiosk Hardware

printing options

A ticket printer can easily be inserted into the back of the unit to print tickets out the front of the unit. Our printer of choice is the Star Micronics ticket printer TSP700II, which can be connected to your tablet by USB or Bluetooth. It also works with 80cm thermal receipt paper, which can be easily purchased from any office supplier or online retailer.

Qudini Flexible Tablet Kiosk Hardware

and Robust

Both the tablet and ticket printer are locked into your device with one key. This ensures maximum security and ease of access to enable you to use the device for other business uses. The kiosk unit can easily be fixed to the floor and also has the option to place a heavy load concrete block within it to ensure stability.

Qudini Flexible Tablet Kiosk Hardware

Download our Qudini Kiosk app to get started

Downloading the Qudini Kiosk app allows you to use our flexible kiosk hardware unit alongside any of our solutions


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