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Turn your customers into brand advocate by enabling them to easily book, share and attend your brand events

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The Qudini Event Management Software enables your company to plan and host engaging events that your customers can easily browse, share via social media and book online or in-store. The Qudini event booking system can be managed centrally, making it perfect for retailers with multiple stores. The platform enables your head office and marketing teams to control brand content, whilst still enabling your individual stores to create and manage events within the restrictions you apply.

The platform can be used by your customers to book various events, for the purposes of:

  • Education: Tutorials, talks, workshops, classes and tours
  • Leisure: Activities, parties, events, shows and experiences
  • Online: Webinars and live Q&A’s


  • Increase attendee registrations:

    Enable your customers to browse and register for your events with ease.

  • Increase attendee rates:

    Engage your customers prior to the event, to remind them of the event and encourage attendance.

  • Promote your events & brand awareness:

    Qudini makes it easy for your stores and customers to share your events on any social media channel with social media shareable links.

  • Increase conversion & spend:

    Improve ease of making a booking with an online event registration interface and through improving overall customer experience at your events.

  • Improve satisfaction & loyalty:

    Create exceptional event experiences and increase the likelihood of your customers returning.

Engage and capture customers

Increase bookings to your brand events by enabling customers to register for events or purchase tickets across a variety of channels:

  • Online event booking interfaces, accessible on any device, with a store finder tool option
  • Encourage social media sharing with shareable links and an individual URL generated for each event page
  • Integration with your smartphone app
  • Head office call centre interface
  • The Qudini host app on a tablet or smartphone
  • The Qudini receptionist desktop interface
  • In-store self-service kiosk devices

and retain footfall

Increase your event attendance rates, by reminding your customers in advance through:

  • Automated email and SMS notifications
  • ‘Reply-to’ functionality that allows your customers to seamlessly cancel
  • A web-interface that allows customers to cancel their event booking
  • iCal/google/outlook calendar links
  • Links to maps and other information
  • Follow-up with customers post visit to obtain feedback and encourage further event visits

your customers and the shop floor

Deliver a superior event experience by improving your event management operations using a variety of features, including:

  • Access on any desktop, tablet or mobile device for event planning and management
  • Easily create events at head office or individual store/venue level
  • Head office central control of brand content used for event images and descriptions
  • Set event prices and ticket options
  • Manage customer attendance
  • Manage events alongside other staff activities

and improve operations

Continually improve your event planning, sales, resourcing strategies, footfall and even marketing initiatives, through accessing analytics on your event operations via real-time dashboards and email reports. Understand your:

  • Customer turnout
  • Event registration channels
  • Online event booking interface Website traffic
  • Products or services selected and the outcomes
  • Preferred events and topics
  • Customer demographics


  • 70% reduction

    in attendee ‘no show’ rates, now that they can communicate with guests via the event booking software

  • Increase

    10% total

    store conversion increase

  • 38% conversion

    on booking-interface web-traffic hits that book onto an event

“The customer journey is smoother, and most importantly our customers have really liked it.”
Store manager | high street retailer


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