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Key features

  • Customer experience insights
  • Operations insights
  • Insights benefits
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  • Easily integrate
  • AI predictions

Improve sales and loyalty with e-Commerce style insights on your in-store customer experience

In-store most retailers only know their footfall and sales data, making it near impossible to make smart commercial decisions. 

Qudini captures 100 new data points on a single customer’s experience, including:

  • Who visits your stores and why.
  • Which channels they used.
  • What was their experience like.
  • Where they came from.
  • If they are already loyal customers.
  • Their demographic information.
  • Who is cancelling or walking out.
  • Who served them and how long it took.
  • What their specific feedback was.
  • Factoring public data like the weather into the equation.
  • Data from your third party tools and their correlation to customer activities.
  • And much more…

Reduce operational costs and drive sales with game-changing insights on your store operations

Reduce operational costs and drive greater sales by capturing data across your shop-floor and operations, including:

  • Time and motion insights into store associate tasks, customers, breaks and dwell time.
  • Staff performance over customer service interactions and task productivity.
  • Customer experience insights into wait times, show rates and more.

Outsmart the competition 

These business intelligence and AI-driven insights will enable your brand to outsmart the competition, drive greater profitability and lasting brand relevance by continually improving your:

  • Sales and marketing initiatives.
  • Time and motion activities.
  • Resource allocation.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Operational efficiency.
  • Compliance activities.
  • Customer experience.

Continuously access you rich insights using:

  • Qudini’s Advanced analytics dashboards with role-based permission options.
  • Email reports that send right to your inbox.
  • Real-time store interfaces for stores to continuously improve with insights into their performance and predictions for the rest of the day.
  • A secure scheduled data export or direct integration into third party BI tools.


Integrate with your ecosystem

Compare the data captured within Qudini to other data across your business through integration with third-party BI tools.

Feed Qudini’s real time data into your marketing platforms and in-store digital display content management systems (CMS) to tailor your store environment and promotions to the interests of the customers inside.

Advance into the future with AI-driven predictions 

Predict the future with AI-driven, actionable insights calculated using advanced machine learning algorithms that use a combination of Qudini data, third-party data and public data sets (such as the weather).

Impact of Qudini Data Insights

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  • Improved resource allocation

    $2m reduction in staff overheads through better analysis of footfall patterns.

    “Qudini has allowed us to better forecast, not only in terms of staffing and resources, but also parts as well when it comes to ‘break fix’.”

    CX Leader, Samsung

    Reduced consulting spend

    With Qudini real-time insights, our client saved at least $200,000 on consulting for time and motion, exit surveys and mystery shopping.


    “I love the stats dashboard. All that data will help me make sure my store is a success.”

    Store Manager, Travel Agency

  • Improved sales

    10% increase in conversions through improved analysis of resourcing needs.

    “I love the stats dashboard. All that data will help me make sure my store is a success.” 

    Store Manager, Travel Agency

    Centralization of tools

    Clients aggregating Qudini into their central business intelligence tools save significant time.

    “I love the stats dashboard. All that data will help me make sure my store is a success.”

    Store Manager, Travel Agency

  • Improved store productivity

    17% increase in store associate efficiency through analysis of customer needs and footfall patterns for health clinic.

    Qudini has really helped us to understand how the stores are utilizing the people in-store. It also gives us some really clear insights into when customers are coming in and what they want.”

    Head of Operations, O2

    Significant competitive advance

    All our clients are currently capturing insights that their competitors aren’t, allowing them to improve profitability and brand relevance at a much faster pace.

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