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Qudini Insight Analytics Software enables you to truly understand your in-store operations and customer experience. With more than 100 data points collected on an individual customer journey, Qudini enables you to understand your customers’ interactions from the moment they first engage with your brand using any channel. Further retail KPIs can be analysed, using staff performance reporting and big data analytics to analyse general trends and patterns across your entire business.

This wealth of data of helps your head office, regional managers and stores to make changes that lead to greater efficiency, more sales, higher conversion and greater customer loyalty, in real-time and on an ongoing basis.


  • Improve customer experience to boost sales:

    Access data on how customers interact with your store, brand and staff members. Including: channels used to engage, times of day, cancellations, customer loyalty, customer feedback survey results.

  • Optimise Resource planning:

    Understand your how your staffing levels compare to customer demand patterns, historically and in the future, and consistently improve allocation of resource.

  • Improve marketing activities:

    Learn which products and services customers visit your business for and delve into big data that helps you to understand customer trends by gender, geography, channels and much more. These Insights enable you to improve your brand marketing activities at a central and local level.

  • Enhance in-store operations and staff performance:

    Obtain insight into customer footfall patterns, alongside staff performance including customer service, service times, tasks undertaken, use of breaks and break activity, service outcomes and sales results.

Analytics Dashboards

Access our extensive analytics dashboards to analyse your business’ activities and performance across all data captured within Qudini. Measure your KPIs and understand how trends and patterns impact performance and results, with valuable visual charts, maps and tables. Dashboards can be accessed at head office, regional manager and individual store level.

right to your inbox

Qudini offer email reports that provide you with the data you need to your inbox on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Enable your head office, regional managers and store level users to regularly receive the data they need to perform better.

Store Level
Overviews & Alerts

Qudini’s live desktop and TV summary displays help your store team to oversea store operations from the back-office and on the go. Whilst our KPI threshold alerts enable them to receive real-time alerts when important thresholds have exceeded and action needs to be taken. All this helps your store managers to immediately make decisions and take actions that ensure customer retention, conversion and loyalty.

with your own business intelligence tools

Qudini can easily feed our vast data set into your own data warehouse and third party business intelligence tools. Comparing your Qudini data against your sales data, footfall data and beyond, will enable you to gain a more complete picture of your store performance. We already integrate with other top retail analytics and insights tools across the industry.


  • £2.5 million

    reduction in staff overheads, through better analysis of footfall patterns

  • 10% increase

    conversion through, through improved analysis of resourcing needs

  • 17% increase

    in staff efficiency through analysis of customer needs and footfall patterns, for NHS clinic

“I love the stats dashboard, all that data will help me make sure my store is a success.”
Store manager | Thomas Cook


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