Sky TV episode showcases how Samsung, O2 and Specsavers are powering their ‘store of the future’ concepts

Dylan Brown
by Dylan Brown

Qudini’s queue management system, appointment booking software and event management software, which are used by retailers Samsung, O2 and Specsavers, were featured on Sky TV!

On Sunday 15 September at 10am, Qudini will appear on Sky TV’s Digital Transformation: Digital Experience, highlighting how high street retailers Samsung, O2 and Specsavers are powering their ‘store of the future’ concepts through our digital queuing, appointment scheduling and event management software.

Watch the four-minute promo video here:

In the episode, which will air on Channel 191, we will hear all about how retail footfall is changing and why stores are becoming more focused on delivering engaging in-store experiences and high-quality service offerings, rather than being purely transaction-based like they have been in the past.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the main points that were covered off in the video: 

Retailers are focussing on in-store experiences

Over the last few years, the retail revolution has brought on tremendous change, and while the sector is becoming increasingly competitive, Qudini’s CEO and Co-Founder, Imogen Wethered, believes in-store experiences are about to get a whole lot better:

“One of the big changes we’re seeing within retail is that retailers are adapting their stores to deliver more services. So, you’re seeing retailers that sell beauty products deliver beauty offerings like brow services or nail bars or hand massages. And all of these are for the purposes of bringing customers into store and being able to give them a service and build a relationship with them as a brand.” 

She continues: “Essentially, your retail store becomes more of a hub for customer experiences and, in a way, it’s more about having a marketing experience than it is about selling product.” 

Smoother in-store journeys are now a must-have

With the growing adoption of digital technology, consumer expectations have also evolved – they expect near-instant service and are far less likely to wait around crowded stores before being served.

CX Leader at Samsung, Paolo Lupi, said:

“Qudini for the Samsung business allows us to manage queues in-store, to create booking appointments for after-sales and care, and to book appointments using the same technology on a smart class or events basis. All three things combined gives us the smooth journey that we now have in-store.”

The Qudini suite of software also works particularly well across stores where there are multiple customer journey’s taking place at the one time. For instance, at Specsavers, a customer might visit a store to purchase some glasses or a hearing aid, or they might be there for a sight test. 

Josie Forte, the Director at Specsavers Plymouth, said: 

“The first thing we do [when a customer enters a store] is identify where that customer needs to be in our business.”

She continues: “The meeter and greeter is able to use the Qudini queuing app on the iPad and identify very quickly which queue to put the customer into.”

Creating seamless in-store operations

During busy times of the day or week, retail stores are often crowded with customers, and as a result, it’s very easy for store staff to become overwhelmed and get swept away by all that’s going on.

Head of Multi-Channel Operations at O2, Alistair Stewart, says:

“With Qudini we can better manage customer numbers visiting our stores during busy periods, providing an improved customer experience which helps reduce store walkouts.  We also use our insight and knowledge of customer behaviour to enhance our service and the development of our overall store environment.”

Qudini’s range of software solutions, such as digital queuing systems, appointment scheduling software and event management software, are supporting high street retailers to power their ‘store of the future’ concepts

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