Single Sign On (SSO) makes the Qudini Appointment Booking and Queuing System even easier

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

The Qudini Virtual Queuing System and Appointment Scheduling System has Single Sign On (SSO) capability that integrates with SAML and your active directory, meaning your store associates can login via their SSO key. 

This means you can now connect to your corporate identity services and allow users to login with their existing credentials via Single Sign On.

This new backend capability means that we are now able to easily integrate with other active directories.

Single Sign On can be used by any clients using the Qudini Appointment Scheduling Software, Virtual Queuing System, Curbside Pickup Software and Event Booking Platform.

The Qudini software is already ISO27001 compliant and GDPR compliant, and helps our clients to ensure maximum security when handling their customer data.

Single Sign On is recommended for:

Appointment scheduling for in-store services

If you offer specialist services in your stores, such as personal shopping, technical advice, product consultations etc, and you’re using appointment scheduling software to power this journey, we highly recommend using SSO. It’s secure and incredibly simple for your users to operate, and it means they’re more efficient and productive. They can easily login to an interface to check a customer into a service, manage their upcoming appointments or manage tasks without having to reenter their details.

Virtual queuing for outside or inside of stores

If you have a customer host outside of your stores that manages virtual queues and appointments, it’s well worth enabling SSO capabilities. This way they can easily communicate with consumers, manage queues and appointments, and communicate with colleagues without having to login repeatedly, or when changing devices. It is also useful for in-store queues, such as queues for services.

Curbside pickup software

For retailers that offer a curbside collection service, make it easier for store associates to keep track of customer orders and manage the customer journey without having to continuously login when switching devices.

Event booking

If you’re planning to host events, why not allow your store associates and customer hosts to have SSO capabilities, so that they can easily manage the customer journey, check customers into events using an event booking platform, and manage their journey without being logged out of the system or having to login again when switching devices.

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