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Ensure An Enjoyable Experience With Every Step

Great customer service and fantastic visitor experiences are essential to the leisure and entertainment industry. Yet, with so many customers flocking to leisure and entertainment venues in their precious free time, their experience can easily become less than satisfactory by lack of accessibility, or the need to queue or wait for an attraction or service.

Creating a fantastic visitor experience is key to ensuring high visitor satisfaction, driving visitor spend and realising greater loyalty. Happier customers are reported to be:

• Worth 2.4x more than those with poor experiences
• 56% more likely to return.
• More likely to refer your business

Qudini’s suite of customer experience solutions can be used together or independently to increase accessibility to your leisure services and to ensure a seamless experience at every step of your customer’s visit. This enables your leisure and entertainment business to increase footfall and revenue, and reduce costs, whilst building customer relationships that drive loyalty and advocacy to your brand.

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Qudini’s innovative, yet simple to deploy, cloud- based solutions can be used independently or together, to help your leisure and entertainment organisation to:

Use Qudini to

  • Increase sales & customer spend

    Drive footfall, serve more customers and Improve service to each customer

  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

    Build relationships that make customers more likely to revisit

  • Reduce operational costs

    Improve efficiency using technology to support your resource

  • Use data to drive business growth

    Use business intelligence insights to improve performance, resourcing, service offerings and even marketing initiatives.

  • Increase promotional channels

    Smartphone, email, SMS, digital signage will increase brand reach to your visiting customers

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