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And it doesn’t just stop there:

Qudini will also

  • Improve brand perception for customers a year
  • Attract and retain more talent
  • Improve your store’s compliance, reducing the risk of any nasty fines
  • Centralise use of multiple tools into a single platform
  • Access more data than ever before.

Providing you with more brick-and-mortar
data than ever before

Your data:

Without Qudini

HR/Staff shifts

With Qudini

Expand your business insights beyond footfall, sales and HR data with access to:

  • Demand for specific products/services
  • Customer check-in channels
  • Customer browser and device data (including mobile network)
  • Customer profile information such as age, gender, home location and language preferences
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer communications
  • Customer sales outcomes
  • Wait times
  • Walkout/cancellation rates
  • Number of customers served
  • Future footfall predictions
  • Store associate service times
  • Store associate shifts including break times
  • Store associate productivity
  • Store associate task activities
  • Head office task activities
  • Future resource requirements including use of time and dwell time

And much more.

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