Retaining Customers & Increasing Repeat Store Visits using social media

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Promoting your Appointment Booking software via social media

In our latest blog series, we have been focusing on how to drive footfall in-store and how to go about promoting your appointment booking offering. In this blog, we will look into how to go about retaining customers and increasing repeat store visits using social media.

Qudini can be used as an in-store solution in a variety of ways. We will explore the opportunities that are open to retailers once the Qudini platform is fully integrated into the store’s experience.

Qudini Digital Signage TV Display

The Qudini TV display allows you to use any TV to display your list of upcoming appointments alongside brand imagery, videos and messaging for customers to see. This acts as a great promotional method to inform your customers that it’s possible to book an appointment and that appointments are in demand.

Equally, you can set-up the TV to only show a large brand image across the full length of the TV, thus using our simple and intuitive platform as a basic content management system to display appointment booking messaging and other content to customers.

Displaying your widget on devices

Display devices with your appointment booking interface.

Likewise, if you provide tablet, phone or desktop devices for customers to use or demo in store, these can also have the Qudini Appointment Booking Interface as the default page when customers first pick it up.

Qudini Kiosk App

The Qudini kiosk is a great way to enable your customers to easily check-in for an appointment or pre-book an appointment by themselves. Kiosks can work independently or alongside capabilities to join a digital queue for the next available slot.

They act as a fantastic way to advertise that you offer in-store appointments through clear visuals and messaging, or by permanently showing the booking options on the first page.

We recommend positioning floor standing or desk fixture near your store entrances, point of sale or your applicable service desks, to ensure high-volumes of customers are influenced by this promotional method and will proactively book their appointments. Qudini’s data set also enables you to track which bookings were made by in-store kiosks versus other methods.

Qudini Appointment Booking Email

Use your new appointment booking email functionality to include a link to your appointment booking website. If your customer first booked in-store, an email will serve as a reminder and allow them to prepare for their next visit.

SMS capabilities with Qudini

Within Qudini, we can create a separate queue for you just for the purposes of adding customers to this queue so that they receive an SMS with information about your appointment booking service, alongside a link to your online booking page for the company or that individual store. This will even help your head office to capture data on the volume of customers enquiring about appointment bookings. All customers can be automatically removed from the queue straight after.

Individual advisors building personal rapport with customers can even each have a different queue with a message and booking link to enable customers to book with them.

In our next blog, we will be continuing to showcase how Qudini can be used as an in-store solution and how it can help retailers retain customers and increase repeat store visits.

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