5 benefits of transforming from a transaction-focused to a services-led retail model

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

Prioritizing customer experience over transactions, and incorporating tech solutions such as an appointment booking system or customer host app into your offering, can result in a number of benefits, including increased online sales, loyalty and advocacy.

The shift from transaction to service based retail has led physical retailers to evolve their store experiences in order to encourage more customers to complete their purchase journey in-store. Retailers are using innovative technology to deliver outstanding in-store experiences; driving online sales, improving conversions and increasing spend by transforming their brick and mortar stores into hubs for exciting brand experiences and service interactions.

We’re seeing retailers rethink their stores in a variety of ways, for example:

Retailers are reimagining their in-store customer experience to help them:

1) Drive online sales and conversion and higher spend

Customers who engage through multiple channels generate three times the volume of sales and more than twice the margin of store-only customers.

2) Build long-term loyalty to support business growth

A 5 % increase in customer retention produces more than a 25% increase in profit.

3) Differentiate from competitors

Consumer intelligence consultancy, Walker, has estimated that by 2020, customer experience will become the number one differentiator between brands, succeeding both price and product. The study found that changes such as the explosion of digital, the empowered customer, and the acceleration of innovation are having a profound impact on customer experiences.

4) Increase word-of-mouth marketing and brand advocacy

77% of customers are more likely to buy products recommended to them by family or friends. Through excellent customer experience, word of mouth and social media can be utilised to benefit your business.

5) Thinking about customer journeys as a series of service experiences

By thinking about customer journeys as a series of service experiences, rather than a series of financial transactions, and using technology to improve those experiences, forward-thinking retailers are starting to achieve some phenomenal results

At Qudini, we have helped retailers rethink their customer journeys and transform their business operations through using our solutions.

“Since we started using Qudini, we have noticed a reduction in customer complaints and have experienced an increase in staff productivity which has helped us to create a better customer experience overall”- Retail Store Manager using Qudini’s Queue Management Software and Appointment Booking Software.

For more information about you can transition your brand from being transaction focused to being service based, visit our solutions page.

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