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Qudini’s Restaurant Waitlist app and Reservation Software enables restaurants to transform their restaurant experience and turn tables faster with a simple android, IPad app or desktop platform.

Our queue management features enable you to retain guests. Simply add guests to a digital waitlist of customers waiting for the next available, triggering text messages to them as their table becomes available. Meanwhile, customers can enjoy their wait and track their place in the queue while they wait.

Whilst our restaurant reservation system features, enable you to drive footfall to your restaurant and eliminate no shows. By adding reservation customers into the app for Qudini to automatically send SMS and email reminders, which your customers can reply to if they wish to cancel their table.

Waitlist App

  • Retain footfall:

    Manage and communicate with walk-in customers, even when your restaurant is at capacity. Communicate with reservations to remind and ensure they turn up.

  • Eliminate open tables and seat more customers:

    Enable your walk-in and reservation cancellations to let you know with a simple email or text message, ensuring you can seat the next party faster and don’t leave a table open.

  • Increase floor staff efficiency:

    Reduce complaints with improved restaurant walk-in management and enable your staff to focus on customer service

  • Turn tables faster:

    Improve your floor efficients, reduce table open time and retain more footfall, ultimately enabling you to turn tables faster and seat more guests faster

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty:

    Offer a better customer experience and better table service that your guests are sure to return to

  • Reduce operational costs:

    With restaurant analytics that enable better planning, resource and even marketing activities

and capture customers

Capture your walk-in and reservation customers to start their fantastic restaurant experience with:

  • The Qudini Restaurant Host App, to enable your staff to take walk-in and reservation customer details
  • Self-service kiosk devices to enable customers to check-in

and retain footfall

Qudini software intelligently manages your customers and enables your restaurant to retain them with personalised information updates in the form of:

  • Walk-in SMS text message updates
  • Reservation Emails and SMS reminders
  • A link to a web-optimised queue position tracker counting down the customer’s position on your waitlist
  • Tailored manual SMS that your host can chose to send
  • Two way communications
  • Integrated physical pager devices/buzzer devices
  • Follow-up with customers post-visit to obtain feedback and encourage future visits

your customers and the shop floor

Qudini offers a variety of features that help you to manage waiting customers and create a more efficient and connected shop floor, including:

  • Access from any desktop browser or via an iPad app or android app
  • Intelligently manage walk-in customers alongside reservations
  • Recognise customer loyalty
  • Store guest cards on customer preferences

and improve operations

Continually improve your restaurant’s operations with valuable analytics accesses via email reports and live dashboards.

  • Customer turnout
  • Reservation data
  • Wait times and their impact
  • Party size
  • Customer engagement whilst waiting


  • X2 extra turns

    of the restaurant each night for Honest Burgers

  • 120 additional customers

    seated every night at the Diner

  • 57% of customers

    say they would choose a restaurant using Qudini over others

“Our customers love Qudini's system! Logging in from the pub and seeing your place in the queue update live seems to be very addictive. They've turned queuing into something easy, pain free and charming!”
Founder | Honest Burgers


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