UK Healthcare Insights Pack: Survey from 2,000 UK consumers show how healthcare organisations can keep patients safe during lockdown

Insights from 2,000+ British consumers suggest how healthcare organisations can safely stay open during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Healthcare organisations in the UK are under immense pressure to treat an influx of patients as a result of Covid-19, not to mention ensure the safety of both their patients and their employees. Needless to say, social distancing is paramount. 

But in our digital era, where we have a wealth of new technology available to us, it makes little sense to ask customers to wait outside doctors clinics, pharmacies or health clinics in a similar fashion as the food rationing queues of World War II. The UK government is grappling with how best to ease the lockdown in a secure way that protects the public, but if more stores reopen, this could lead to excessive queues outside of stores, and put the general public at risk.

Our recent survey of 2,004 UK consumers found three key insights that indicate how healthcare organisations can stay open for businesses and what it should look like in the Coronavirus era.

This presentation takes the reader through our insights and graphs broken down by type of retailer across:

  • Doctors clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Dentists
  • Sexual health clinics
  • Therapists/councellors


Who we are:

Within the new Covid-19 world, our virtual queuing system and appointment booking software is helping healthcare organisations to stay open for business through improving their in-store customer management, curbside click and collect and by helping them to service their customers online.

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