2020 US Retail Banking White Paper

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We surveyed over 2,000 consumers of all different age brackets throughout the US to get their thoughts on retail banking.

What’s inside?

  • How consumers feel about retail banks: brand awareness, marketing, in-branch experience, online banking and customer service
  • Find out if the Big Four should be worried about the neobanks
  • The support channels consumers prefer (by generation)
  • What technology banks need to invest in according to their customers
  • How consumers complain and why.

Some of our findings:

  • 92% of respondents said good in-branch experiences are important or extremely important
  • 86% of respondents agreed that it’s important or extremely important for banks to have physical branches
  • 66% of Gen Zers have made a complaint against a bank before
  • Bank of America has the highest percentage of customers and the highest level of brand awareness
  • Wells Fargo had a particularly large Gen Z customer base at 23% (the generational average is 17%).




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