Guide: How to promote your appointment booking offering

Increase profitability and brand relevance by perfectly promoting your brand services.

A growing number of retailers are using appointment scheduling software to offer a more personalized and premium service, which subsequently increases store footfall, builds stronger customer relationships and drives greater loyalty. This allows your customers to pre-book appointments with your in-house experts for services such as technical support or make up and beauty tutorials.

However, the success of your appointment booking offering largely depends on how effectively it is promoted across your online, outdoor and in-store channels. We’ve created a guide for enterprise retailers wanting to make the most out of their appointment booking platform.


The guide visualizes an end-to-end marketing campaign to promote the appointment booking offering of our fictional luxury fashion brand “QDi”. Concepts that we discuss and provide examples of include:

Developing a strong value proposition around your new service offering

Developing strong Call to Actions (CTAs)

Digital marketing ideas:

  • Your website (where to enable appointment bookings from)
  • SEO
  • Landing pages
  • Google ads & PPC
  • Social media
  • Email marketing & SMS

Offline mediums:

  • Print
  • Outdoors
  • PR

In-store promotion ideas:

  • Point of sale advertising
  • Posters, digital signage and QR codes

Qudini functionality ideas:

  • TV displays
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Appointment booking emails
  • SMS capabilities
  • Post visit SMS
  • Qudini weblink
  • Book in follow-up bookings

Measuring campaign success (and how Qudini functionality helps):

  • Cost per customer
  • Attribution
  • Tracking traffic
  • Landing page tracking


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