GDPR Compliance with Qudini appointments, events and queue management

GDPR Compliance with Qudini appointments, events and queue management

A best practice guide explaining how to become (and remain) GDPR compliant when using the Qudini Appointment Booking, Event Management and Queue Management Software

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will alter the way that organisations and businesses collect, control and process personal data. Its goal is to ensure that there is a balanced relationship between the rights of the individual and those who process their personal data, ensuring that the needs of the digital economy in Europe are enhanced through the seamless transfer of personal information in a protective environment.

Qudini offers a B2B SaaS software service that enables businesses to deliver more premium customer experiences by improving customer access to their services. This is achieved by enabling customers to book an appointment, register for an event or join a digital queue for service and to receive personalised SMS, online, in-app and email communications about their service request.

The collection of employee data and customer data, to communicate with your customers about their service within your business, is key to using our software’s core capabilities. We recognise that it is essential for our clients to understand how they should use the Qudini software to manage customer data. To help our clients out and to provide best in class service, this pack explains some useful information on how you can remain GDPR compliant when using Qudini functionality.


This pack is set out to provide useful information that will help Qudini and our clients to collaborate and remain GDPR compliant when using our software. It should not be regarded as legal advice.

We do recommend that you seek the your own legal counsel for any advice on how to collect, process and manage personal data in compliance with GDPR.

What you will learn:

  • What data is collected in Qudini and how it is handled
  • How to remain GDPR compliant when adding customers to the queue or taking bookings for appointments and events
  • How you should and shouldn’t communicate with customers


Imogen Wethered – CEO Qudini
Legal Advisors to Qudini
Data Protection Officer – Qudini


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