Queue management system market size to reach $650m by 2025

Raj Sangha
by Raj Sangha

The global queue management system market size is expected to expand at 6.1% CAGR, to reach USD 650 Million by 2025, a new Benzinga report finds.

A recently published Benzinga market size report on queue management systems has revealed that the queue management market is set to experience an increase of 6.1% CAGR and create opportunities that will increase the market revenue generation to USD 650 Million by 2025.

This increase in demand is a result of a rapidly growing consumer population and a strong demand for personalized service offerings.

Qudini was mentioned as a significant player who has established its position in the global queue management system market.

Qudini’s queue management software is used by Asda, O2, Specsavers, Currys PC World, Samsung and IQOS.

An additional driver propelling the market forward is the demand for personalized data offerings that integrate with CRM strategies.

A separate report by Market Watch, in which Qudini is also mentioned, pointed out that the queue management system “plays a key role in enhancing business growth along with improving the business output.”

Increased employee efficacy and a stronger end-user experience were also listed as factors accelerated the market forward, alongside a more positive customer experience.

While service costs are thought to challenge to the expansion of the industry, the report pointed out that new technological breakthroughs will contribute to the overall market expansion between 2019 and 2027.

How does a queue management system work?

Instead of requiring customers to physically queue, virtual queuing software enables customers to queue remotely to enter a store or receive service, allowing them to wait in their car, browse a store, or even get a coffee. Customers can join a virtual queue either through a host with a tablet, a self-service kiosk or from their own mobile phone (using an app, a QR code or an SMS code). They are then provided with a queue position number and intelligently calculated, personalized wait time. Customers remain updated of their wait time and queue position by SMS message, a personalized smartphone countdown and TV displays in-store.

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