Qudini’s queuing system praised in the national news

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Qudini’s queue management system impresses Guardian food critic, Jay Rayner, when visiting a Soho restaurant!

By the looks of The Guardian’s influential food critic Jay Rayner’s review of Soho located Sri Lankan restaurant Hoppers, it seems that Qudini can even persuade those that don’t take well to queues.

Hoppers The Guardianv1

“We were told there would be a 30-minute wait, so you’d expect me to be grouchy. But no… I did queue for Hoppers, albeit in a very civilised manner, over an espresso with a shot of Amaretto in it at Bar Italia across the road. I’m glad I did.”

In turning the bane of many diners into something fun, Qudini’s queuing app shows that queuing needn’t be a negative experience for your customers. By digitally managing customers waiting for a table and sending them an SMS when their table is ready, you’ll be able to see results similar to our other clients including The Diner who saw a 100% decrease in no-shows, Bubbledogs experiencing a £1,000 increase in profits per week and Honest Burger turning tables twice as fast.

What can Qudini’s queue management system do for you? Improve your restaurant operations efficiency, to table turnover speed and customer satisfaction is as simple as setting up on your tablet, smartphone or desktop. Build a wait list of customers waiting for service, viewing a real-time tracker of their queue position and receiving an SMS when a table becomes available.

Find out more about Qudini’s Queue Management System here. 


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