How Qudini’s queuing system improved the customer experience at Burrell Street Sexual Health Clinic

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Burrell Street Sexual Health Clinic is the largest and most comprehensive NHS sexual health service in London, and is part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. Previously, patient waits reached up to 3 hours for NHS sexual health services, creating an overcrowded waiting room. This resulted in additional stress for patients who were already in a stressful environment, and is partly due to NHS clinics not having the finances they need to employ the volumes of doctors and nurses to accommodate their high patient volumes.

Thanks to Qudini’s virtual queue management system, Burrell Street has seen a 100% reduction in complaints with patients confident their appointment is secured. Now that Qudini’s system has given staff a greater visibility of all activities, the clinic has experienced a 17% reduction in appointment wait times.

“With Qudini, patients are much happier by their active management and they can leave the clinic during their wait. In the long term this should reduce reception staff turnover as their work experience has improved.” – Dr Anatole Menon-Johansson, Clinical Lead, Burrell Street

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How does it work?

Qudini’s Virtual Queue Management system lets patients entering the clinic add themselves to a virtual queue by the reception staff. An accurate wait time estimate is given, as well as capturing patient details to provide further queue position updates via their mobile phone. Patients are now able to leave the waiting room environment to use their wait time productively. All patients at Burrell Street are now managed through Qudini by the clinic staff, with further SMS messages and digital signage platforms updating customers as it nears their turn.

Watch how Burrell Street changed its Patient experience with Qudini:


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