Qudini’s occupancy tracking feature makes in-store social distancing seamless

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

Our queue management software and appointment booking software is already highly intuitive – but we’ve made it even easier for retailers and other enterprise organizations to manage social distancing with our new store occupancy tracking feature.

Covid-19 has brought with it a host of challenges for retailers, but it’s also created a plethora of opportunities for digital innovation. Over the last few months, we’ve been inundated with the number of retailers and brands looking to use our services, allowing us to make a real difference in the lives of our clients, their employees and their customers.

However, that hasn’t stopped us from trying to make our solutions even more relevant to today’s rapidly changing retail landscape – that’s why we’ve launched a new occupancy tracking feature that allows retailers to track how many customers are in their stores at any one given time.

Qudini has developed a name for itself in the retail tech market for its virtual queuing system and appointment booking software. During Covid-19, brands like NatWest, Samsung, Asda, Brown Thomas and O2 are using our software to:

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How the new occupancy tracking feature works

Instead of using a hand-held clicker to manually count the number of customers in-store, Qudini’s new store occupancy tracking feature allows our clients to easily and seamlessly track how many customers are in their store at once.

Qudini’s occupancy tracker takes into account customers from virtual queues and with upcoming appointments.

Here’s some more details about our new store occupancy tracking software:

Track store occupancy across multiple customer journeys

Many retailers have increasingly complex customer journeys, where customers are entering the store to pickup items they’ve purchased online, or to receive servicing for product repairs or expert advice, or to shop with smaller partner brands located inside your store. Qudini’s new occupancy tracking feature allows you to keep track of consumers from all different journeys without disrupting their experience.

Store associates can easily add and remove customers one by one or in groups.

The occupancy tracking feature not only counts the number of customers entering and exiting your store, it also connects with your virtual queuing app and appointment booking app, giving you full visibility of the exact number of customers in-store.

Set soft and hard threshold alerts

Retailers can set soft thresholds for the number of customers allowed inside the store at once, alerting store staff when they are approaching the occupancy limit or have entered into a negative. Retailers also have the option of setting hard thresholds for the maximum number of customers allowed in store at once.

Store associates receive real-time alerts when the store threshold has been met.

This gives retailers better control of the number of customers in store at once, as they receive regular alerts and notifications.

Manageable by multiple staff members

The occupancy tracker can be managed from store associates on any device using the Qudini app, which is great for stores with multiple entrances and exits.

This is also useful for store associates who are managing multiple roles at once, such as store hosts who are checking customers in for appointments or managing virtual queues.

Qudini’s occupancy tracking feature is a seamless way to manage customers in-store.

Further benefits of Qudini’s occupancy tracking feature:

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