Qudini’s Booking App and Virtual Queues work in 15 different languages

Ben Abbitt
by Ben Abbitt

In today’s increasingly global era, finding a virtual queuing system or appointment system that is functional in a range of different languages is crucial for fast-growing, international brands.

When most retailers start investigating the need for a virtual queue or booking app, they often tend to think granular – how would the technology work in one particular country, or for one specific service, or even in one particular store.

But shortly after implementation, they quickly realize how beneficial the software is and how it could apply across a range of consumer journeys.

A client might start using our booking system for an in-store service like personal shopping, notice how effective and easy to implement it is, then start rolling it out for product consultations, in-store or online events, or even virtual appointments. Then they remember we offer virtual queuing too, and they start using it to manage walk-in customers wanting the same services. 

And, as those of you working in global retail businesses will be able to testify, if one country has it, they all want it. Therefore, before committing to a booking software or queuing system, make sure it has the functionality to serve your global business rather than just on a local level – it will save you time and money in the long run.

The Qudini Appointment Scheduling and Queuing App works in 15 languages

Having worked with leading global retail businesses across America, Asia, Africa and Europe for a number of years now, we’ve recognized the need to offer our systems in multiple languages, and are adding in new languages on a regular basis.

As a result, customers can use Qudini across thousands of stores, in multiple time zones and in multiple languages, including:

Easily customize and translate customer-facing content 

Our settings platform also make it possible for retailers to translate their customer-facing content (including online interfaces, SMS messages and emails) into multiple languages. This means your customers can choose their preferred language to view your brand content within.

We’re native across iOS, Android and desktop

The Qudini appointment system and queue app are native for iOS iPad and iPhone devices, and for Android tablet and smartphone devices, making us one of the only platforms that offer this level of native device support.

Qudini also works on any browser used on any sized device, including:

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