Qudini shortlisted for Best Use of Tech In-store with O2

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Qudini queuing app and appointment booking software shortlisted for Best Use of Tech In-store with O2

We are delighted to be shortlisted for the Retail Week Tech and Ecomm Awards in the ‘Best use of technology in-store’ nomination. We share this honour with our retail partner O2.

Here is what happened:

O2 strives to constantly innovate its level of customer service, so much so that its stores introduced “concierges” to greet customers at the entrance to the store. This idea was fantastic and actionable, the execution of it, however, could be improved. Clipboards, used by the staff, became scruffy and, more critical, was difficult to storing and use. So came along Qudini with its Queue Management Software and Appointment Scheduling Software.

In 2015, Qudini was added into 100 O2 UK Stores. We wanted to solve the issue around giving the customers accurate information about their service time from the point of entry. Sounds simple, but with higher ‘customer traffic’ store consultants would get overwhelmed and as a result compromise on the time needed to properly serve each customer. As we reversed that process, more stores were served, walk-out rates reduced, causing higher conversion rates and hence higher revenues. Moreover the transaction time in stores became much less and the staff – more efficient.

Read our case study with O2 here

What have we learned? It is that now more than ever store execution has a significant bearing on sales potential and customer experience and that it should not be overlooked by retailers.


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