Qudini security

At Qudini, security, availability and personal
data protection are our top priority.

Here are the processes we’ve put in place
across our software solutions:

  • Maximum Security
  • High Availability
  • Prioritising Privacy

Ensuring maximum security

  • ISO 27001 Certified

    Qudini takes information security incredibly seriously and is ISO27001 certified. A robust set of company policies and procedures ensure maximum information security.

  • CREST Accredited Penetration tested

    Qudini undertakes regular penetration testing with CREST accredited suppliers. CREST is a top tier security standard, learn more here.

  • Role-based password authentication

    The Qudini platform uses role-based password authentication (with strong password standards), and even enables our head office user to control permissions across their users.

  • Network design and encryption

    Firewalls protect all of our core systems and our application database and ensure they are not directly accessible from the internet.


  • Access control and encryption

    The Qudini database has encryption at rest. Access to our server infrastructure is provided on only a need-to-know basis, and those with access require a combination of two factor authentication and key-based authentication.

  • Vulnerability scanning and Intrusion detection

    Automated performance monitoring, vulnerability scanning and centralised log management are used to monitor our system for vulnerabilities and suspicious activity. Automated alerts are in place to inform the Qudini IT team of any issues by email/push notifications. In the event of any issues, security patches are prioritised.

  • Employee Checks

    Qudini employees are essential handlers of information within the business. All employees joining the company our processed through essential background checks including reference checks, identity checks, right to work checks, basic criminal record checks, with higher levels of checks for senior roles.

  • Policies and procedures

    The Qudini organisation has a complete and robust set of policies and procedures that ensure continued information security, legal compliance and business continuity to support our clients.


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