Qudini partners with the British Queuing Association

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Qudini partners with the British Queuing Association

We happy to announce our partnership with the British Queuing Association (BQA) and the launch of Qudini’s Long Wait Finder!

The British Queuing Association (The BQA) is a membership association, for those who adore standing in a good queue for hours on end. The members of BQA have already been a big influence in ensuring that London has been full of queues for many years, and now it is looking to raise the profile of long waits to the public.

We have worked with The BQA to provide a new service to the marketplace, called Qudini’s Long Wait Finder!

Qudini Long Wait Finder, allows Londoners to seek out the worst queues in London to join and enjoy the waiting experience. Qudini will send customers the latest and greatest queues London has to offer, directly to their phone via SMS or Email.

Whether that be queuing for London’s top museums, build ups at Kings Cross train station, standing outside Topshop for the latest celebrity fashion line, queuing at this weekends London Game Festival, or even waiting to eat at London’s top Restaurants.

(Image: Kate Moss Topshop Launch on Oxford Street, London – Jealous I know!)

We will find the best queues to wait the longest in, with the biggest queues being shown as large pins and new potential queues alert flags, so you have time to rush over.

“We are very proud to be working with BQA to offer a new solution to not just their members but for all Londoners. This partnership with BQA will allow Londoners to wait for ages in queues, enjoying the view of the person in fronts back. I look forward to seeing London’s keen queuers using our service and making London the queuing capital” Niall Smith, Head of Marketing @ Qudini

**April 1st Offer** For today only, we are offering the first 50 BQA members and London queuers a Qudini Stopwatch*, when you sign up to be the first to experience Qudini’s Long Wait Finder…so you can count and log the memorable moments whilst you are in the queue.

*This is an April Fools post, so no Qudini Stopwatches will be sent out, but it’s great that you believed us thus far!


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