Qudini listed as top rated appointment scheduling software by Software World

Qudini Marketing
by Qudini Marketing

Qudini is proud to be list as one of the top rated featured appointment scheduling software providers on Software World.

Qudini provide Retail Choreography software solutions to help retail banks, retailers and telecoms brands to increase their profitability and ensure lasting brand relevance through driving footfall, sales and loyalty for their omni-channel service.

At a time where retail footfall is in decline, yet stores and branches are still key driving sales in addition to becoming increasingly important for driving a brand’s ongoing omni-channel sales, Qudini has developed our Appointment Scheduling Software to help retailers, telcos and retail banks to drive high intent customer traffic to new services offered by them in-store, over the phone, video or even in the field at the locations that suit their customers.

Key benefits our platform has helped retailers and banks to generate include:

The Qudini software has recently been listed as Top Rated Appointment Scheduling Software by Software World.

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