How Qudini helped Santa to improve his CX at Christmas

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by Qudini Marketing

The Mischievious Elves

The Qudini Christmas card campaign for this year focused on trying to help Santa to streamline his CX operations and prioritise so that his mischievious elves would maintain focus and deliver amazing experiences for one and all.

The Mischievious elves

With Christmas around the corner, Santa was getting quite stressed out with his list and his workshop in general. Some of the elves had been causing mischief and spilt some mulled wine on it resulting in some names being literally wiped out. The North Pole was in chaos, Santa’s sleigh was in the repair shop due to a lack of Christmas spirit, elves were getting confused about their shifts and worst of all, which presents they were making for who. Those that ordered Lego Friends were getting Little Live Pets, some even got underwear. A Christmas catastrophe! Santa searched day and night for some kind of Software-as-a-Service solution which would centralise everything for him. His head was absolutely wrecked! Mrs Clause was quite worried!

Santa decided to stop being old school and to go online and see if there was some kind of magical app or software which could help him have full transparency over his team of elves and ensure that his Christmas target was met which was, delivering the most wonderful gifts and joy to children across the globe. He came across a company called Qudini which enabled him to have peace of mind that not only could he have full insight into elf operations, he could also hold workshops for his elves to get them into shape for the 24th December; he could monitor performance and see who was falling asleep on the job and who deserved a ride in his sleigh and a recommendation on LinkedIn. When he called up the company, they promised to maintain client confidentiality. Having signed an NDA, he revealed that he would really like to be able to streamline operations and have the following:

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the store

With 30 days to go until the big day, the Qudini team collaborated with Santa to ensure he got his priorities right (literally!). They helped Santa to not only be able to streamline his operations and most of all, get full elf buy in across the elf board. By the time the 24th arrived, Santa’s problems were a distant memory. The sleigh was fixed and staff productivity had increased by 62%. The elves were so excited about Qudini, that they decided to take a photograph amidst all the Christmas with Ed Elf taking a selfie of all the action (Main photo), who wrote a testimonial for the team saying that “He can’t sleep without the app! It maintains order out of chaos”

We hope you enjoy our Christmas campaign! On behalf of the Qudini team, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!


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