How retailers can promote their appointment booking service with landing pages

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

The core purpose of a landing page is to create a clear entry point for your e-commerce site, or a particular section of your site, and it’s a great channel to drive traffic to your appointment booking service.

To drive traffic into stores and to build stronger customer relationships, many retailers are offering in-store and virtual appointment booking services. While this service is often powered by appointment scheduling software, creating a variety of dedicated landing pages with different SEO optimized information about your appointment booking service is a great way to increase traffic and awareness. The SEO optimized content will ensure that your landing page shows at the top of your customers’ Google searches and, to drive further traffic, you can create paid ads that link directly to this page.

Creating the ideal page

Your landing page must include, at the very least, the following elements:

How it should look

An example of a landing page for fictional luxury retail brand QDi.

To engage customers you need a clean, organised and engaging design with natural navigation and minimal distractions (no pop-ups)

Use your creative juices. Play around with your design, colours and be sure to use relevant, eye catching imagery. Don’t clutter it thought. The CTA needs to be abundantly clear.

What should it say

You’ll need to craft some succinct messaging conveying the reasons your customers will want to click the CTA and navigate to your appointment booking widget.

Start by answering these questions:

Different folks, different landing pages

As your appointment booking service becomes more popular, you’ll likely be getting traffic from a number of different sources.

When this happens, you’ll need to have multiple landing pages for different audiences. For example, a customer navigating from a link in a social media post will be different to a use that arrives at your landing page from an ad, or even a returning customer, so be sure to tweak your messaging to ensure you’re driving conversion amongst your brand’s different audiences.

Testing landing page efficacy doesn’t need to be complex

For the best results, A/B testing will help you compare two versions of a landing page to see which one performs better.

Tip: Make your landing page supercharged by matching the keywords in the landing page copy to those you’re using in your Google Ad campaign. Also, include social sharing buttons and embedded video content.

We hope you picked up some useful tips and advice on how to go about setting up landing pages to drive traffic to your in-store appointment booking services and advisory services.

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