3 ways retailers can promote their appointment booking offering in-store

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

On average, customers who are delighted by an in-store experience will spend 140% more. So, it’s hardly surprising to see retailers using innovative technology to deliver outstanding in-store service and transforming their brick and mortar stores into hubs for exciting brand experiences and interactions.

Great retailers offer additional services and events in-store, creating more opportunities to build lasting relationships with customers and providing immersive, memorable experiences in-store that enable customers to see products in action. This is the new way to make your retail store become more profitable. It’s essential you let your current customers know about the new experiences they can have and relationships they can build within your store and using your store environment is a fantastic way to do this.

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Retaining customers and increasing repeat store visits: in-store marketing

It’s essential to let the customers who are already within your store know that for their next visit they can pre-book an appointment for premium service. Here are some of the ways they can do this

1) Advertise at Point of Sale

Within your store, customers are constantly consuming information about products and assessing their satisfaction with the service level you provide. This is why POS merchandising, signage and aisle ends work.

It makes sense to advertise the existence of the higher service levels to those who have not yet signed up or are currently investigating using your brand against a competitor. Moreover, it’s a great idea to consider placing high quality business cards or flyers at the till. This gives the customer an opportunity to take something away.

If you are using Qudini’s capability to enable customers to book with specific advisors, you can even allow your advisors to write their name on the business card and hand it to the customer, to broker a personal connection and solidify a long standing relationship. Taking it a step further, each advisor could even have their own dedicated link included on their personal business card.

2) Posters, digital signage and QR codes

Display clear visual content through posters and digital signage in-store. Hot areas for this are at the till, at key engagement areas in the store, and on the way into the store.

Interactivity is also important – a recent study showed 82% of smart phone users consult their phones in the store while deciding what to buy, so give them the opportunity to use their phones.

QR codes or NFC technology can be used in any store promotions to allow customers to immediately access your online appointment booking pages.

3) Brochures

If you’re handing out any physical flyers, brochures or catalogues to customers browsing within your stores, touting your appointment booking service within these will increase your chances of customers returning and ultimately converting.

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