Promote your Appointment Booking software via PPC and AdWords

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Promote your Appointment Booking software via PPC and AdWords

Our latest blog series has focused on how to drive footfall to your Appointment Booking service through online and offline mediums. In this blog, we will focus on optimising your SEO processes to drive organic traffic to those retail Appointment Booking landing pages via Google PPC and Adwords.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and is a model of internet marketing mainly associated with Google AdWords. Essentially, it’s a solid way of purchasing visitors to your website, rather than attempting to gain those visits organically, as you do with PR. It’s a great way to give your new Appointment Booking Service a boost and get it being used more widely. Google offers a number of options with the benefit of only paying once you get a lead (hence Pay Per Click).

Here are some tips to make sure your AdWords campaign goes off to a flying start:


Like with SEO (using some of the ground work achieved within your SEO investigations), think about what your customers will search for when looking to book an appointment. Once you’ve figured this out, make sure your test out different keywords by including these within your display ad’s URL path.

Headline 1 rules

Be specific and relevant – Headline 1 is more important than anything else; it’s the first thing a shopper will see on Google, so keep it short and engaging. Terms such as ‘Book an appointment’ aren’t enough.

You need to be more specific. For example;

Our next blog will focus on which social channels you should use to promote your Appointment Booking platform in-store . If you would like to download our best practice guide “How to promote your Appointment Booking platform”, click here.

We are also hosting a webinar on the 16thNovember at 4pm GMT where our CEO & Co-Founder, Imogen Wethered, will be sharing her insights into how retailers should go about promoting their Appointment Booking platforms both on and offline – sign up today.


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