How to prevent post purchase dissonance through appointment booking

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The biggest point of contention between consumers and retail colleagues revolves around the proficiency of the latter in regard to in-store tech. Employees are quick to profess their expertise with new devices, apps and services, but indications from shoppers are that this confidence is grossly misplaced. Retailers need to ensure that employees are trained not only in line with their own expectations, but with the customers’ too.

Consumers make great use of in-store technology, but that shouldn’t cloud the primary reason for their visit: physical retail – the very act of shopping – remains an enjoyable, sociable pastime. Technology can heighten the quality of that experience, but it should do so as an extension of what makes it so appealing in the first place. Shoppers are looking for a retail experience that is enhanced by technology, not driven by it. This is done through the use of in-store wi-fi, queue management, click and collect, digital signage and virtual reality technologies which look to augment the shopping experience.

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