Track store occupancy and footfall in real-time

Offer a safe and engaging customer experience by defining your physical capacity, tracking store occupancy and enabling your customers to join virtual queues or book appointments when capacity is reached.

Powering the world’s best brands

Key features:

  • Step 1: Set capacity

    Set your store or individual
    department capacity according to social distancing requirements.

  • Step 2: Track occupancy

    Record customers entering and leaving the store through integration with your footfall counters or via a host manually recording customers on any tablet or smartphone.

    Gain a real-time view of store occupancy.

  • Step 3: Retain foot traffic

    When at capacity,
    enable your customers to join a virtual queue to enter as soon as possible or to book a fixed time slot to return within.

    Qudini will automatically update and call customers forward as their turn arises.

In addition:

  • Gain insights

    Access continuous insights on footfall patterns, customer interests, resource needs and much more.

  • Rich features

    Pick-and-mix from the our rich feature set.

  • Integrated solutions

    Integrates with the Qudini Virtual Queuing System, Appointment Booking Software, and Task Management Software. Our software can stand alone, or easily integrate with your ecosystem.


  • Ensure social distancing
  • Improve sales
  • Build loyalty and advocacy
  • Drive a competitive advantage
  • Greater omni-channel growth
  • Understand the future

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