Support your citizens while ensuring social distancing during Covid-19

With the Qudini Virtual Queuing System and Online Appointment Booking software.

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Ensure social distancing and citizen safety with:

  • Virtual queuing

    Eliminate physical queues by enabling customers to join a virtual queue by a host or from their phone and to receive SMS and onscreen updates as their turn draws near.

  • Appointment booking

    Manage your physical location’s capacity and enable customers to select a time slot to visit or to receive in-person service.

    Enable customers to schedule appointments for virtual service by phone or video.

  • Contactless collections

    Offer safe, fast and engaging collection experiences from your venue entrance or curbside, by enabling customers to check-in and stay updated while their collection is prepared.

  • Task Management Software Retail

    Task management

    Easily coordinate essential activities across hundreds of service locations by managing tasks and sending urgent messages, useful resources and motivational tips.

  • Virtual event booking

    Advise and support many customers at once by enabling them to discover and register for your upcoming online events and tutorials.

  • Access unique insights

    Across all our solutions, access real-time dashboards and receive regular email reports to analyze your operations and your customer experience and even to contact trace.


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