Leading brands adopt Qudini’s best practice signage guidelines for virtual lines and booking

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

Leading retailers Asda, Pandora and Monblanc have used our guide to creating effective signage for virtual queues and appointment bookings.

At Qudini, we’re big believers in the power of Retail Choreography solutions, and we get really excited when we hear about the results our clients experience when using our virtual wait line management system, appointment scheduling software and curbside collection check-in service.

But that being said, we also know that for most retailers, it takes a little work to get the ball rolling when implementing our service – and a lot of that comes down to effective messaging.

Retailers need to create effective messaging that lets customers know they they can skip the line to enter a store or to receive service by simply booking a time-slot, or that they can join a line through their smartphones by scanning a QR code, or that they can check-in to collect an online order from the comfort of their cars.

To help our clients create clear, effective and engaging messages around these services, we created a free guide that all retailers can mimic or use as inspiration. Click the below link to download it:

Signage guide: Creating compelling Retail Choreography signage that drives customers to action

We’re incredibly excited to see some of our brilliant clients have taken our advice on board when designing their signage, including Asda, MontBlanc and Pandora.

These retailers follow our advice to the letter by adhering to the following formula:

Asda – Virtual wait lines to enter stores

Grocery retailer Asda has been using the Qudini Virtual Wait Line System to improve its Covid-19 shopping experience.

To escape standing in a physical line to enter the store, Asda customers are able to follow poster signage in the car park to join a virtual line by texting an SMS code or by scanning a QR code from their phone. Once added to the virtual wait line, customers will receive a confirmation text message and a weblink to follow their line position while they wait.

The system means that customers can now wait from the comfort of their cars (avoiding cold and wet weather) until a text notifies them that it’s almost their turn to enter the store. This has enabled Asda to drive greater customer loyalty and advocacy that is converting into both immediate and long-term sales.

As you can see in the sign above, the message is big and bold, it’s easy to understand, it has all the useful information you need in a few short steps and uses doing words to motivate the customer to action.

Read the Asda case study

Pandora – Virtual wait lines for service and store appointments

Global jewelry retailer, Pandora, deployed Qudini’s Virtual Wait Line System and Appointment Booking Software across its store portfolio to provide its customers with an engaging customer experience.

When stores have reached capacity, customers wanting to receive service are able to join a virtual wait line using their smartphones by QR code or SMS. They then receive an estimated wait time, a position in the line and an SMS update when it is time to return to store.

Customers also have the option to prebook appointments with in-store experts in order to receive one-to-one service using Qudini’s Appointment Booking System.

Pandora have captured the reason why customers don’t like stand in line – it’s a waste of time. Instead, they are enticing customers to shop at a Pandora then carry on with their day. It’s simple, but effective!

The messaging also makes it clear that customers can scan the QR code to enter a store or send an SMS message.


Montblanc – Store appointments for personalized service

Internationally recognized luxury goods retailer, Montblanc, made extra efforts to provide a personalized and safe customer experience to its customers by investing in Qudini’s Appointment Scheduling System and Virtual Wait Line Software.

Customers wanting to receive service in store have the option to preschedule a time to visit the store and receive one-to-one face time with an in-store expert. Customers without appointments wanting service have the option of joining a virtual wait line by scanning a QR code and receiving real-time SMS notifications alerting them when it is time to return to store.

Montblanc have done an excellent job with their visual signage promoting these new tools, having used the following approach:

It is easy for the customer to understand, with simple steps and visuals.

Great job to the brands leading the revolution in providing an efficient, engaging and safe customer journey through virtual wait line management and appointment scheduling software – especially to the brands who are nailing it with effective signage.

For more information on effective signage, read our free signage guide here. Or for more information on how Qudini can help your business to succeed with our industry leading tools, contact the team on info@qudini.com


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